čtvrtek 21. května 2015

Kirschblütenfest Meet-up

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I have so much to blog about ! 
... ever since the weather started to be pretty, there is so much to do, so much to wear, so much to draw, so much to write about *o*

Sooo...let´s start with the oldest thing I have here - photos from April lolita meet-up =D
This was a great one ! We met in Fürth (which is a small town right next to Nürnberg) where Cherry-Blossoms-Festival/Hanami/KirschblütenFest took place at a really nice green field/park in the middle of block of modern flats. (these houses were so pretty, that we were seriously thinking about moving to Fürth after we got home from the meet-up... actually I´m still thinking about it <_<)
"We" - because we went there all together with my boyfriend and Satan and took part in quite a big lolita picnic in the middle of the "park"......but of course in a safety distance from the swarm of cosplayers and otaku =D

The festival itself was inside of community house and it wasn´t anything special (AkiMatsuri in Prague still rules !!!). But it didn´t matter, because we still had a great time and when it got late we moved to Japanese restaurant. Which was really great and the food was delicious *o* NOM NOM

I had a dream-combo sushi - the one on left was filled with egg plants and the one on right with asparagus *o*

Not only the weather, company and food was great I also REALLY liked my outfit ♥ I think I finally reached what I wanted - a combination of lolita, mori-kei, dreadlocks and handmade/second-hand clothes =) PERFECT !

floral headband - DIY
skirt - handmade by Reiko
top - bought on swap-meet
necklace - gift from KK =)

And now I´m leaving for an adventure in mountains !
This year we decided to replace wild nights at WGT in Leipzig with a week in Alps ♥
(... I´m getting old, or more mori than goth...or both =D ha ha)
I´m really looking forward to it *o* I´m taking my hula hoop and sketch books with me, we even bought tracking shoes and waterproof jackets ! This is serious !!! =D
...now let´s keep fingers crossed that I won´t lose my camera in the mountain stream like I did two years ago <_< eh

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. To vypadá moc hezky! :) Sukně i ten top jsou super, a moc se mi líbí ta pletenost :))
    Užijte si hory!!

    1. Děkuju =) joo to je pončo, co jsem ulovila na votočvohoz !

  2. Odpovědi
    1. Maybe it´s really not that bad idea.... ♪ we already found some pretty flats in the block where the picnic took place and they were so much cheaper than the ugliest one in Ingolstadt =D