pátek 10. dubna 2015

Road Home

Hi, my dear readers ♥

A while ago we were invited by our friends for Bagna Càuda party ! Don´t know what Bagna Càuda is? Don´t worry, I had no idea either =D

It´s an Italian dish, typical for Turin (that´s where our friends are from), served in these funny "cooksters". You place the sauce on the top and one small candle inside the cookster, which keeps it warm during the evening. The sauce has a very strong taste and it was served with celery, fennel (♥!), bread and lot of other things...actually there was a ton of great italian food and at the end of the night we were all totally stuffed =D
It was quite an international party -  there were people from Czech republic, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Germany and of course Italy ! A lot of fun !
I´m so grateful for living abroad, because I´ve never met so many people from all around the world in my life like in the past three years =)

We also had Satan with us, because our friends recently got a puppy as well.
They instantly became best friends ♥

Since we were about to stay inside the whole evening I could finally wear my new violet harem pants, which I just brought from Prague (They are really thin and more for summer, but I just couldn´t wait!). I bought them in my new favourite shop Samsara / Himalife - we did there quite an order in January (it was an 80kg package) =D Among our new salt lamps, salt frying board, salt stones, shungite stones, tea, burning incenses and I don´t know what else...I also ordered this cute pair of harem pants, handmade and sweatshop free from a small factory in Tibet. Not only you can see pictures of people who made these clothes on Samsara FB, because the shop owners visit them personaly and the clothing is for a really good price, but you also support Tibetian schools with every purchase ♥ If only all online shops were like this one !

I also wore this super-amazing waistcoat which I bought on vinted.cz *o* One day it will be perfect for a dolly-kei outfit.....if I ever collect enough things for dolly-kei =D Until then I will probably wear it with these pants, because I really like the combination and together with my useless glasses I felt like some kind of wandering-steampunk-oddities-seller =D ha ha

"glasses" - C&A
waistcoat - vinted.cz
necklace - DIY
bracelet, harem pants - Samsara
shoes - Vagabond

And of course I can´t leave you without music !
(I hope you find my "music heart-attacks" at least a bit interresting)
The name of the post is same as a song from MC Yogi, who is currently my favourite... who would have said that one day I will be listening to yogi hip-hop =D ?
Now you´re probably laughing, I know - but believe me, his music is great !
His latest video is for song Road Home - my favourite from the new album (which I even supported on Kickstarter so it could be released =D yay !) ♪

Hopefully the spring finally started in Germany, which makes me really inspired =D I have so many ideas for new harnesses and pictures *o*
No time to lose !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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