pátek 17. dubna 2015

Cinderella Meet-Up

Hi, my dear readers ♥

It´s been a while since the last time I had a chance to wear lolita - all these long months since Christmas meet-up in Prague ! Since that time I was always not in Germany or didn´t have time for the meet-up until March...finally !
No one knew how the weather will be, so girls made a plan to walk around Nürnberg, take some photos, have a lunch and then go to see the new Cinderella movie together.

I have to tell the truth that I´m not really interrested in Disney princesses and I would probably never watch this movie, but I wanted to meet with everyone again, so whatever =D !
We also got the chance to see the short Frozen Fever before the film started, which was really cute even though I didn´t like the original movie much =D Mainly because there is too many songs and I always feel this weird second-hand embarrasement when there are songs in movies....mostly in Disney movies ewww ...the only one which I can stand and I actually really like songs from, is Pocahontas =D
The movie itself was really fairy-tale-ish and childish. There died quite a lot of people, but it was so shallow....they probably didn´t want kids to be sad... But costumes were beautiful ! The dress princess had at the ball was waaah and Rob Stark as prince charming? he he not bad (...with Xaro Xhoan Daxos as his guard captain =D) ...(I´m currently re-watching Game of Thrones, so I just couldn´t not see it) I didn´t like Helena Bonham Carter as fairy godmother, because I´m really tired of her face and I think there could be someone more original and iterresting for this role =/ What I really like was the change of pumpkin and animals to all these fancy things which took Ciderella to ball =D aww

So if you like Disney princesses and shiny happy fairytales and Rob Stark go watch it and I´m sure you will like it =)
I will stay loyal to the beautiful czech version "Three wishes for Cinderella" which is the most beautiful fairytale ever and will always be !!! *_*

I´m such a movie critic ! Let´s better move to outfit photos ... ha ha

I tried to wear classic lolita with dreadlocks for the first time, because I really wanted to wear this fairy tale skirt, but really didn´t want to go to cinema with wig =D
And I like it ! Which is great, because I´m getting tired of wigs...the main reason is that my dreadlocks got too long to fit inside the wig without looking like and alien, or professor Quirrell ...

I put pearls in my dreadlocks to match the print on the skirt and I even bought a matching nail polish !!! Can you see it ?!! I´m surprising myself ! =D

And here are two beautiful photos from Ophi

flower hairclip - Porcelain Doll
succulent brooch - Sleeping Beauty
skirt - BTSSB
tights - Lindex

Did you see the new Cinderella movie? And what do you think about songs in movies? Is there anyone with the same "problem" as me ? =D (... so far know only about my boyfriend)

I hope you´re all enjoying the beginning of spring !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. I love when people try and add their own twist to the lolita style. It seems to be so strict on rules so I am loving the dred-lita look.

    I am in the same boat with you, Disney... too lovey-dovey ooey-gooey. I love fairy tales but I like the adult-dark elements that are in originals. I'll have to check out that Czech Cinderella film.

    1. Thank you =)
      It´s a really beautiful movie ! I´m sure you can find it on YouTube hopefully with English subtitles =)