pátek 13. února 2015

Birds of Hell Awaiting

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you my winter strega outfit which I wore in January for shopping trip to Nürnberg. I wanted to wear something warm (but not too much), pretty and comfortable because I was carrying my dog most of the time in a bag (there´s way too many people in the city center for him)...oh, and I forgot that it was raining ! What a beautiful day =D
And because it was just right after Christmas I really wanted to wear something new, which happened to be this amazing hooded top from H&M *o* It´s from their autumn "strega" collection, which was absolutely amazing and I wanted to buy everything BUT most of the clothing was made in China or Bangladesh, so in the end I have only this top which was made in Turkey - where (I hope) are no sweatshop fabrics ...
It´s so great that my boyfriend bought it as well, so we will definitelly take some "strega couple" photos in spring =D !

I really need to do something about my jewellery collection, because I have 1000 earrings and necklaces, but almost none of them match "the style" I´m wearing now. The bird skull is amazing, but I felt that it need something more, something longer - so in the last minute I upcycled this old rosary in a really blasphemous way and replaced the Jesus on cross for Marilyn Manson cameo =D

Despite terrible weather, the day was great and I successfully spent almost all of my Christmas money - I bought two new dresses from Gudrun Sjõdén and a lot of art supplies *o* 

top, dress - H&M
bird skull necklace - Draculaclothing
huge sparkling "moon boots" - Strauss

And this is how we looked together in the streets of Nürnberg

OH ! And I was wearing my amazing new bag from BENWINEWIN which LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SATAN AND I LOVE IT ♥ ♥ ♥

...and some music at the end - the name of the post is a song from new "The Pale Emperor" album from dear mr. Manson ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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