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August Meet-Up in DB Museum

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I´m sooo sorry for not posting anything the last week >_< ! I was a bit busy with everything - I had to finish two skirts for Porcelain Doll, decided that I´ll take new photos of all harnesses in my Etsy shop, also I had to make some more of them because quite a lot got sold lately, I´m working on knitted gift for our friend´s baby, on crochet scarf and I bought yarn for Katniss cowl. My German courses started + I had my first Zumba class (=D) and of course October started which means INKtober & Drawlloween !
So I´m sewing, drawing, knitting and learning all the time...pheeew ! What a busy start of autumn =)

Today I want to show you a few photos from the latest lolita meet-up of Franconian Princesses which happened in August. We went to Transport Museum in Nürnberg to take some more photos with trains since the last time when we took a ride in a steam locomotive it was raining the whole day.

This time we took a lot of photos and the museum itself was really interresting, too ! My favourite part was a train which belonged to King Ludwig and was totally over-decorated with gold, furnished with fancy sofas (and fancy toilett, too !) and literally on top of that it has a huge golden crown on the roof =D

After we saw all trains we went to city center and had a late lunch in a nice restaurant. It was such a pretty day ! And what´s the best I can now understand so much better that a year ago *_* Here on lolita meet-ups I can see the progress I made with German language the best, since everyone is talking to each other and while I was totally lost just a few months ago - now I can follow what´s going on and I don´t have to wait until someone tranlates everything to me =) whee !

About my outfit of the day - I dressed up in a bit casual steampunk lolita to match the topic and to be comfortable while travelling. (it was still too hot for a wig !)

I´m always looking for some interesting facts or photos from the town I currently live in...so here´s historical photo of the main station in Ingolstadt =)

And here are some cute photos Ophelie took of me and my outfit ♥

 I´m such a railroad engineer ! Can you see the determination in my eyes =D ?

dress - BTSSB
googles - DraculaClothing
belt - h&m
tights - C&A

And a close-up of my make up/face =D

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

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