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Wave Gotik Treffen 2014

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I´m back from my gothic holiday !!!
Same as the last year and the year before we decided to spend Pfingsten holidays in Leipzig, on the biggest gothic festival in the world *o*
The whole town is full of goths in their best outfits, parties, concerts and great atmosphere everywhere !
I adore this festival, even though I don´t wear gothic clothes anymore =D Still I love the music and being surrounded by all those dark people !

This year the holiday moved at the beggining of June, which promised sunny weather and hopefully no rain. The weather was beyond sunny - the heatwave hit middle-Europe and we were all sweating like crazy in our pretty dark clothes =D But it doesn´t matter as long as it´s not raining !

I decided to write this "diary" again. Every day after we come back, so I don´t have to keep everything in my head for a week until I get home. And then put all my adventures in a blog post. I also took a lot of photos as I promised =)

Let´s start !


- travelling, travelling, travelling
- around 15:30 we´re in Leipzig, back in the same hotel as the last year...probably even in the same room =D
- grocery shopping in Globus, where the sign in bookstore already welcome us on Wave Gotik Treffen
- bit of a dinner and then I fell asleep for two hours =D
- we´re going to get our „festival bracelets“ since we already bought tickets online a few weeks before (it´s cheaper and then you don´t have to wait so much)
- wine, a look around Agra and an unexpected (second) dinner at vegetarian fast-food, because it looked just great *o* I had a vegan paella NOM NOM
- warm-up paaaaaaaaaarty !!!
- I´m dead, good night =)

on our way to Leipzig we passed a direction sign to a town Lederhose =D
(I found it really funny <_<)

There are fields full of wind-power plants in Sachsen o___o

nom nom nom

Party haaard =D ♪


- lazy morning =)
- after enough sleep and lying around in bed we finally decide to put on our steampunk outfits and go out
- some more shopping in Globus – we forgot a picnic blanket at home, so we had to buy a new one >_<
- first visit of Heidnisches Dorf (the historical village), a delicious lunch from the “local” bakery and cherry wine <3
- we´re slowly starting to move in direction of Clara-Zetkin Park where the Victorian/Steampunk picnic takes place
- it´s getting REALLY hot, so we changed our plan about picnic food and instead of traditional wine and cheese, we´re buying quite a lot of fruits and Sangria =)
- arrival at the exact time (15:00) in park, taking photos, being photographed and picnic-ing =D
- on our way back we stopped in city center and decided to have dinner at ramen restaurant ! gyooooza and sezam ramen with asparagus *____*
- the city center is totally crazy, because there is not only 1000 goths everywhere, but also a big festival with food stalls and music stages everywhere AND also there is some kind of annual run through the city ...
- on our way to tram we stopped for a while on a historical market in Moritzbastei, but it´s nothing special and there is some really disharmonical band playing on better move on <_<
- we got back to Agra and did some first window-shopping on the goth market, but it´s really warm here and we´re starting to be tired so after an hour we decided to go home
- and now it get´s interesting
- after we opened a door to our hotel room an ugly, totally not healthy smell greeted us – we let the air conditioning on the whole day, so we thought that was the reason but then we found really peculiar balls of dust all over the room......
- I opened the window and door, because the smell was really horrible and in the meantime we were thinking about if we should tell the hotel staff
- we did and the girl from reception couldn´t believed her on eyes, at first we all thought it was the air conditioning and she offered us to sleep in another room without moving, so this one can have open window the whole night
- then a guy from reception came with a very unexpected solution – the mini bar exploded and the whole room is filled with poisonous gas !!! =D
- ...and so we had to move three floors lower in the middle of the night to a new hotel room.....and what´s even worse – we had to throw away our breakfast for another day because it was probably contaminated from the explosion T___T
- what an adventurous day !

my steampunk outfit =)
(everything is old and thrifted, only corset is from DraculaClothing)

This year there was a restricted "picnic area" for people in huge costumes - it was forbidden for photograps to enter, so these beautiful people can eat in peace without being disturbed every five seconds for posing =)
(I took some photos of them from the "outside" ...<_<)

we still have to work on picnic aesthetics =D

(I think you can quess that I´m totally in love with this hairstyle)

there was a loooot of people

ramen ♥


- not so lazy morning, because we had to go to Globus for breakfast -_-
- time to glue on faun ears, put horns on head and go to historical village !
- since the program on Saturday wasn´t much interresting for us we decided to spent here as much of the day as possible
- the weather is SOOO HOT and there is SO MANY people in the village >_< but still it´s a great time ! We bought some gifts, CD and I bought a A LOT of amazing burning incences at my favourite Al Mischas Weihrauchladen <3 The owner even remembered me from the last year ! omg =D I´m the number one fan !!! ha ha
- in the late afternoon we´re starting to be really tired of the sun and heat and since there is no water and almost no toilets in the Heimnisches Dorf...we decied to go to a restaurant/coctail bar/anywhere with air conditioning and cold drinks
- we ended up in super-cute Pushkin Café and had coctails, beer and delicious burgers <3
- around 8 in the evening we go back to historical village
- and there is even more people o___o it´s starting to be a bit annoying, but still we´re staying here, listening to some music and later chilling in a beautiful tea room =)
- just as we were about to leave, the fire show started so we stayed a bit longer...aaand then there was the last concert on the small stage so we stayed a bit more longer...and got home quite late and tired, so we didn´t even tried to go to the fetish party in Volkspalace (we´re getting old and lazy !)
- no explosion in our room this time, good night !

my outfit of the day !
Totally love being a faun ♥ I have to do it more often =D
(ears - The Elven Caravan, dress - Anki, raspberry necklace - Moonlight Shadow, everything else is old and DIY)

look who we met there =D !

Pushkin Café

cherry beeeeeeer !!! *o*

Concert of an amazing Cécile Corbel... I instantly fell in love with her music and had to buy a CD 



- we woke up in a really hot morning...the weather forcast says it´s going to be 35°C >_<
- because of the weather we decided to better stay away from Agra or historical village and instead spent the afternoon in art gallery or something like that – H.R. Giger exhibition sounds perfect !
- we took a car and went to Täubchenthal where we left it and couldn´t help but take quite a lot of photos there´s such a great abandoned industrial district *_______* I wish we had better camera, outfits and less sun =D
- travelling to art gallery in SUPER WARM tram, we took a walk there through the streets which felt more like wandering trough desert, all goths dressed in black and dying from the heat with the same idea – hide somewhere in art gallery...
- the exhibition is really pretty, but inside is too many people and SOOO WARM x__x the fastest gallery visit in my life =D
- better hide somewhere with cold drinks and air conditioning
- we´re back at our favourite ramen restaurant – this time we tried something new (ok...I had gyoza as a starter again =D) – super yummy egg omelete, with “schnitzel” and spring onion all on a portion of rice NOM NOM
- we stayed there as long as possible, because the heat was just deadly x_x
- around 16 we´re movig back to Täubchenthall, because there´s going to be a set of industrial/agrotech/noise bands *____________* probably my favourite part on every WGT
- we met our friend Vašek on the way and stayed together the rest of the day =) finally we were not alone !
- the air conditioning on the dancefloor is at the beggining quite good, but more fresh air, just heat, sweat and heavy electronic shit =D LOVE IT !!! uwaaa some bands were soooo great ! XOTOX were my favourite of all – the music was just smashing – so loud and so fast <3 and they have such a cool girl as DJ *o*
- end, we´re totally dead...but still we travell back to Agra for the „surprise concert“ which starts every day at 1:30 – we didn´t know the band but our friend said it´s not bad so we give it a try and it was really beautiful <3 Their name is slowdive and it´s something like combination of Dead Can Dance, Sigur Rós and our dear Mono !
- we met some more goths from Czech Republic, that was really nice =)
- totally dead, it´s 4:00 ...good night/morning =D

my dance outfit
(playsuit - Cyberdog, collar - DIY)

waiting for a tram like a goth

foooooood =D !

Täubchenthal is probably the most beautiful club I ever visited - I love the exterior and even more the interior *o*

currently playing - Nano Infect

XP8 or Fabrikc ...I´m not sure >_<
Those "chandeliers" were reacting to music -amazing *o*

I didn´t take any photos of Xotox because I was dancing like crazy...sorry =D
Here is a song from the new album instead

This ringing in your ears is the noise of died hear cell. It is as swan singing. When it's gone you'll never again hear this frequency. Enjoy it as long as it is still there!

Words can´t describe how much I love this kind of music live - it´s sooooooooo damn great, loud and powerful !!! Being in front of the loudspeaker and just let the music flow through me and feel how the ground is shivering with the noise...heaven !

(...and no, you don´t want to see me dancing to this =D)

slowdive in Agra ♪


- trying to sleep as long as possible in this terrible heat
- no more walking around and travelling in sweaty tram – we took a car right to Pushkin Café for a lunch (burgeeeeeer !)
- it´s HOT HOT HOT
- the programm on Monday is for us a bit boring, so we decided to go to historical village and listen to some bands there.....again =D
- after few hours we move to Agra to do some window-shopping and to find out that Faderhead is much more funny/silly/awkward than good...then we want to go back into shopping area, but unfortunatelly it´s closed already -____- fuuuu
- and now my love story with a skirt – there is a one really cute shop in Heimnisches Dorf, where a nice lady sells beautiful hand-made skirts, I´m looking at them every year but I never find a good colour combination....until now – there is a skirt in her original design but made of fabric which the lady bought in India and has it no more, so it´s one of the kind...and it´s green...and totally beautiful *o* ..................but...we don´t have enough money in we went to Agra to use this travelling cash dispenser, but it´s broken -___- I´m a bit sad...and so my dear boyfriend went and asked the lady if by a chance we can pay with a credit card....and.....YES ! *______*wheeee ! And I even got a little sale for wearing the skirt right away =D ha haaa
- we decided to finish our stay here at historical village, while listening to the last band ...
- bye bye WGT 2014 <3 ! (Why are you so short?! I want to stay here like this at least until Friday T_T)

my Monday see-through outfit
(harness - DIY (RABBITHEARTshop on Etsy), dress - H&M)

band Folk Noir (the last one)

bye bye WGT 2014 !
You will be missed ♥

And at the end - LOOT

this tiny little silver thing is a dreadlock accessory - a gift from my dear boyfriend ♥ =)

ISN´T IT TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL *o* ?!! that´s it !
I hope I didn´t broke your internet connection because of the huge number of photos in this post =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Tak to jste toho vedru navzdory navštívili docela dost, my vždycky měli velké plány a nakonec skončili rozvalení někde ve stínu v historické vesničce až do večera :D. Popravě, samotná vesnička by mi jako festival skoro i stačila. Täubchenthal vypadá suprově, chtěli jsme tam jít zrovna na Nano Infect, ale nějak jsme to nedali, už nevím proč. Sukně je moc pěkná, taky jsem na ně koukala, akorát já tedy na ty do černa a bez vzorů. Co se týče peněz, taky nám poslední den (taky ve vesničce) došly, Marek pro ně jel do Agry a nakonec hodinu projezdil kolem tramvají, aby mohl vybrat teda neměli nejlíp vymyšlené. Málem jsme si kvůli tomu nedovezli ovocné víno v baňce domů - což by byla tragédie, samozřejmě. Naštěstí to vyšlo a ještě máme dvě lahve v lednici :).

    1. My jsme na poprvý taky skoro nic nestíhali =D hlavně proto, že jsme se v Lipsku vůbec nevyznali a náš hotel byl úplně na druhým konci, než Agra x_x
      Bankomaty a záchody v historický vesničce byli největší nedostatky =D !
      Ty vína v baňce jsou úúúžasnýý akorát pekelně drahý fuu

  2. Cha, ty jsi mě taky vyfotila! :D Na fotce davu ve vesničce (pod tou fotkou s modrým koktejlem) sedím úplně vpravo, trochu zády a koukám směrem k pódiu...černé vlasy s modrými prameny. Juchů! :D

    1. neeee já to nechápu jaktože jsme se minuli !!! Už jsem asi třikrát šla pozdravit nějaký slečny s dlouhýma černýma vlasama, ale nikdy jsi to nakonec nebyla ty =D a na tebe opravdovou jsem neměla štěstí...ach jo -_-

  3. Týýjo bezva bezva :) Hrozně jsem se na tenhle post těšila! Nádherný outfity, faun vede :) :) a ta sukně je krásná! A to jak to píšeš formou deníku je taky velice good ;);) ach, za mě prostě super :)

  4. Na Tvůj report jsem se opravdu těšila, vždycky máš parádní fotky a hrozně dobře se to čte :) Hrozně se mi líbí Tvůj steampunkový outfit, přesně tuhle kombinaci sukní nutně potřebuji na svůj nový :D už mám tmavě hnědou svrchní a musím to něčím doplnit, doufám, že budu mít další úspěšné nájezdy na sekáče :D
    A teda ta nová sukně je úchvatná ♥ nemají náhodou nějaký eshop/etsy...? Nebo mám šetřit na další ročník? :))

    1. Moc děkuju =) Jsem ráda, že se článek líbí ♪
      Sukně jdou objednat tady akorát tam jsou na výběr jenom ty jednobarevné látky...tyhle speciální z Indie s sebou asi vozí jenom na festivaly (což byl taky důvod proč jsem jí nakonec koupila i když mě to stálo poslední peníze =D)

    2. Díky za odkaz! :) A vůbec se ti nedivím, ty vzorované jsou o dost krásnější! ♥ až budu příště v Indii, musím zjistit, kde se takové látky prodávají :)

  5. Wow, to byl pěkně dlouhý post. Super fotky, muselo to být bezva! Moc se mi líbí tvůj šortkový overal z neděle a ta sukně na posledních fotkách je úžasná <3