čtvrtek 1. května 2014

Chequered Mori Skirt

Hello, my dear readers ♥

In winter I always have a lot of ideas, time and mood for making some new clothes for myself. Unfortunatelly the weather is not so friendly, which means that after I finish my super-nice piece of clothing pefect for hot summer days...I look out of the window and there is snowstorm or worse - it´s dark, cold and rainy -_-
And so I´m making new clothes through winter and then waiting patienly for nice days to finally wear it ...

This winter I made two things which are still waiting for summer - mori skirt and mori poncho/cardigan. The skirt can be worn already, but poncho is made from really light fabric and it looks best only with a tank top so I have to wait few days more, I think =)

Today I´ll show you the skirt ! 
I´ve fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it in....Ikea =D ha ha It´s probably meant for table cloth, or curtains in a rustical kitchen, but I knew I´ll make a skirt from it ! 
It reminded me of this photo

At first I wanted to make the pattern more complicated with a row of buttons in the middle, but then I decided to leave this idea for some plain fabric. 

So I made just a simple skirt with a ruffle and an off-white lace. With a full-elastic waistband so I can wear it both on waist and on hips =)

I took photos of two different outfits, because I still need to experiment with it and learn how to put a good mori outfit together and I´m not sure how it looks best...
At first I planned to wear it together with this poncho I talked about in the beginning, but it doesn´t look as good as I thought it will be =D it´s going to be better combined with pants, I think...

necklace, bracelet, skirt - DIY
t-shirt - C&A
cardigan - thrifted


cardigan - thrifted
shirt - C&A
necklace - gift from Han ♥
belt - Bershka

I still have a box full of fabrics and ideas, but not enough time and space in my wardrobe =/

I´m planning to do a BIG clean up in my clothes and sell as much clothing as possible. Because I don´t need even a half of it and what´s worse - most of them are sweatshop-made and I really don´t want to wear this anymore - it´s bad for karma =D !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥ 

6 komentářů:

  1. oooh this is lovely!! I love the first outfit!!! Your skirt is so pretty <3 I love your style ^^

  2. If you want to get rid of your clothes.. do you know kleiderkreisel.de? It's a german site, but I think you don't need to speak german perfectly to sell clothes :)

    1. Yep, I know it =) I think I even have an account here - but we have the same thing in Czech it´s called votočvohoz.cz and it looks exactly the same as kleiderkreisel ! I´ll probably try my luck on the Czech version since I already have a lot of followers and good rating there =)

      Thank you for the tip ! If I´m not lucky with sales I´ll try it, too ♪

  3. Skvělý outfit, sukně je nádherná! :)