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Upcycled Mori Shorts Tutorial

Hello, my dear readers ♥

A few weeks ago I finally saved some time for myself and made one of 1000 projects I have on my mind.They´re mostly DIY or upcycling of old clothes. I enjoy doing both, but I always give priority to work and spend a whole week working on skirts for my shop and then at the end I´m absolutely not in the mood for something more creative >_< That´s why my  ideas for clothing for myself are waiting and waiting and waiting...I even made a special box for them -_- poor little projects !

But from time to time I have to take rest from work, but I´m still in a creative mood. And that´s exactly what happened a while ago so I finally had time to upcycle my old pair of dark green pants into a cute mori shorts *o* And what´s even better - I took photos of the progress so you can try it, too ♪

It was super easy - you don´t even need a sewing machine =) And it saved my old pair of pants from garbage dump. They were still in good condition, I really like the colour, but the shape was too tight on knees and a bit wider on calves which made them (and me) look really old-school =D

Now for the tutorial ♪

1. what you need
pants, lace leftovers or just 1,5m, scissors, pins, chalk, thread, needle, metre, buttons and other decorations you like

2. measuring 
It´s super-important put the pants on and measure the lenght on yourself ! Even more when they´re elastic, because the shape and lenght is different when worn and not.
The line on the top is for the final lenght, the lower is for fold and the third one is the future cut.

3. measuring again
Now you don´t have to wear them anymore, just lay pants on the ground and measure everything precisely with metre so you won´t have one leg longer that the other =D
My measurements were 47cm from the belt and 50cm from the other end of pants.

3. folding
Just fold according to the line and a bit more, so little threads in place where you cut won´t be visible (of course you can make it more neat on sewing machine, but I was lazy to do so =D). Then sew on some buttons to make it stay like this forever.

4. decorations !!!
Apply anything you´d like to have on your new shorts =)
I just sew the lace on all pockets. But you can also add more buttons, flowers, some hand-painting and other things you like !


And here are some photos with my new upcycled mori shorts ♪
I have to say that I really like this outfit and I got inspired by this ♥amazing♥ photo from Vogue - the whole photoset is just perfect - take a look !
(I found it on tumblr I don´t read those fashion magazines, because they´re too expensive and full of advertisement, but something their photos are beautiful ha ha)

wig - Lockshop
sweater - Tally Weijl
pants, acorns bracelet - DIY
tights - C&A

I hope you´ll find this at least a bit inspiring and maybe even try it as well !
It this case let me know - I want to see it *o*

Have a beatiful day, everyone ♥

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