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Skirts, garters, harness...oh and a giveaway !

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I found out that I completely neglected posts about my works for RABBIT HEART shop !
It´s probably because I was working on too many things at once, a lot of restocks and those which were new got sold so quickly that I didn´t know if it still has a sense to post them when they´re already sold...

Anyway, the post about my work is back - mainly because I´m holding a giveaway on RABBIT HEART facebook and I want to tell you about it so you can win something pretty ♪ =)

As you already know I´m sewing mostly lolita skirts with half-elastic waistband for 70-80cm. And I started to feel a bit bad about it, because not everyone fits in these 10 centimeters, but at the same time we all want to wear pretty clothes =D !
So one day I started with completelly elastic waistbands for 65 - 90cm waist... and now I don´t feel guilty anymore phew =)

The first one was Off-white Lace Lolita Skirt, worn on this photo together with an upcycled mori cardigan which I made for the shop as well ♪
I sold two of these which made me really happy ♥ but unfortunatelly I don´t have the material for more -_-

Another skirt with elastic waistband is Sailor Lolita Skirt - which is currently sold out, but I have some more material so it will be restocked again =)
I planned to make sailor lolita skirt for sale for more that 4 years (!) and I never found the courage to do so until now - good thing I did, because these skirts make my customers look soooo pretty ♥ 
(I love seeing someone wearing something I made, that´s the best part about this work !)

And the latest elastic waistband skirt is a new design of the so popular dark green lolita skirts 
This one is still available, so maybe if you´re thinking about some Slytherin lolita outfit..... ♪

The last skirt I made so far has the half-elastic waistband again, because I think it looks better with the print. But I still have some more fabric so it´s no problem to make one with full elastic waistband as well =)
It´s the third colour variation of this beautiful rococo fabric - I already made a violet/cream, brown/black and cream/off-white - this one is in grey/black colours ♥

I love all these fashion and fetish harnesses and garters and (as you probably remember) I already made some for myself from faux leather last year. Since then so many people was asking me if I´ll make them for sale as well. I would love to, but the problem was in the material - those from faux leather can be done only exactly at the persons size, so I would have to invite all customers to Germany and that won´t work, I think =D 
Now after a year I finally stumbled upon a perfect material and started to work on very first harness and garters for RABBIT HEART shop. They are completelly elastic and also adjustable so they fit a large spectrum of body sizes and shapes ♪

So far I made just one harness which is still available in the shop !
...and I had to brace myself for the photoshoot, because as I feared for photos it looks the best on naked body >_<
But since I don´t want to make this blog NSFW, I´ll show you the one with clothes on he he

Now let´s talk about garters ♪
I found some really cute material while I was in Prague and decided that I just HAVE TO make some steampunk garters ! Because I never saw anything like that anywhere on internet...

We took some pretty photos of them outside. 
Here is my steampunk outfit for this occasion with both garters on ♥

...and now it gets even more interresting *___*

You can win the last one in a GIVEAWAY on RABBIT HEART facebook wheee =D
the giveaway is worldwide and I´ll announce the randomly picked winner on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 around 20:00 (Germany time)

I hope you like my creations ♪ 
don´t forget to try your luck in giveaway 
and have a nice week, everyone ♥ !

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