úterý 14. ledna 2014

Bird´s Nest

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want show you my outfit from.........eh November =D
I have no idea why I didn´t post it sooner, probably because I´m just late with most of my posts >_<
(+ the title is completely random)

It´s a really comfortable one and I wear it a lot.
I really like this weird-shaped thing from H&M sales. I bought it mainly because it reminds me of Vikings =D ha ha
But you have to agree with me that it looks medieval ! I think it´t going to look great with my belt full of pockets and sacks, with another belt, feathers in my hair and a cloak...and a long skirt - perfect for burning bonfires in summer !

For now I wear it just ...how to say it - more present ! With leggins and ordinary winter coat ♪

(Look at my funny hair ! Van der Graaf generator style =D)

viking top - H&M
necklace - made by Han
belt - Bershka
shirt, leg warmers - C&A
shoes - Mustang

Today I don´t have anything interesting to say at the end so I´ll just leave you with this super-cute cat gif ♪
It makes me smile everytime I see it, so I hope it will work for you as well =)

Have a nice week, everyone !

4 komentáře:

  1. That pretty tunic dress looks so wonderful on you and those leggings do such an amazing job showing off your gorgeous legs :) So enjoy that last pic. You are such a lovely woman. Wow! (cute kitty too :X) )

  2. Úžasný! ♥♥ Ta tunika - ach proč vždycky jsem v HMku když tam zrovna tohle NEmaj :D

    1. Děkuju =) To je náhoda, to jsou vždycky takový objevy z tý jejich Conscious Collection, který jsou třeba nějaký podivným způsobem až ve slevách o_O