sobota 4. ledna 2014

3 drawings from November and December

I´m back with my "art" !
Since the last post I managed to finish the Bioshock fanart, doodle and participate in a drawing competition on lolita meet-up ♪

Let´s start with Bioshock =3
This game was the first thing I saw on PS3 at my friend´s place when this magical box was completely new a looong time ago. I played it for just a few minutes but that was enough for me to know that if one day I´ll have my own PS3, I´ll definitelly buy it and play it day and night.....and now, after 6 years I finally have it, I played both I and II and I´m in love ♥
And because I´m not a cosplayer (I want to be little sister or big daddy T_T) I have to at least draw a fanart ! ...on A3....with colour it took me three weeks to finish it <_<

The second thing is a page from my sketchbook - a girl with horns which I later used on a tote bag for RABBIT HEART shop ♪

And the last thing was my entry for the annual drawing contest on Prague Christmas lolita meet-up ♥ I haven´t been participating for a while, but this year I decided to give it a try + I liked the topic - it was "draw one of the Czech lolitas". And since I already drew almost all of my close lolita friends I decided to draw a portrait of Anasis - who I don´t know personally, but I think she´s really unique and nice girl and I just adore her latest Samhain outfit  (take a look - here it is !) which inspired me to draw her ♪

This drawing is currently in custody of my mum, because she liked it so  much that she decided to "keep it for a while, I´ll just show it to my sister" ....well, I don´t think I´ll ever get it back =D 

I hope you like them - and as always - if you see some mistakes don´t hesitate and write it in a comment =)

...and I hope I´ll have more time for drawing in the new year, most importantly because I got a set of amazing polychromos colour pencils for Christmas *_______* I just can´t wait to try them !!!

10 komentářů:

  1. Awww, I really like the one with the little sister :3

  2. Oh my gosh, you are an amazing artist. That last one especially was so stunning. And so enjoyed the pic of lovely you and those wonderful tights. Your legs are so beautiful!

  3. More, more, more! I already mentioned it I know, but your drawing style is so sympathic. :3 Looking at your drawings and sketches always inspires me.

    1. Thank you so much ♥ ! I´m really happy that you find my drawings inspirational =)

  4. Every picture is so beautiful! Good work! And I love the coloring of your art!

  5. Wondefull drawings! I love the bioshock drawing the most, it's my favourite game ♥

    1. Thank you =) !
      It´s an amazing game *o* I can´t wait to play the third one !