úterý 10. prosince 2013

10 Questions Tag

Hi, my dear readers ♪

Today I´m here with something unusual for this blog - a tag !
I hope you won´t be annoyed by it, but I have a feeling that there is too much outfit posts lately and all my future posts right now are outfits as well >_< I´m somehow "in the middle" with all my creativ stuff - knitting, drawing, sewing - there is still something to be done before it can be posted on my blog...

And so I decided to this - I was tagged by Alice Hearts
Here are her questions ! Let´s start *_*

1. What was the first book you read?
I have no idea what the title was, but I remember it was about animals in Africa - elephants and lions and at the end was some huge scary storm...and of course it had a happy end =D

2. Who is your favourite villain?
I´m not original - Loki is my favourite bad guy right now <3

3. Which fictional character can you relate to most?
Alice in Wonderland, but I always wanted to be Lara Croft =D

4. What is the worst movie you ever watched?
Probably OZOMBIE - zombie Usama bin Ladin ?!! 2 hours long ?! No, thank you ...
...oh and Prometheus is on the second place =D

5. If you could timetravel, where and when would you go to?
To the future - I want to see all those new inventions or take a stroll through postapocalyptic land *o*

6. What is your biggest dream for the future?
Travel to Japan with my boyfriend for at least a month and with a lot of money !

7. What is your favourite piece of art? Why?
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...there is too many of them which I like !
...but at the moment it´s this painting - The Magic Circle from John William Waterhouse ♥
Because I love the atmosphere, ravens, the dress,. ...I have it as desktop wallpaper for a few months now and I still  have to sometimes stop and just stare at it - it´s amazing !


8. Are you supersticious?
Maybe too much =)

9. Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma?
Hello Kitty !

10. What is your favourite color?

And now for my questions for you *_*

1. What book would you recommend me to read ?
2. Have you ever seen a ghost?
3. Who is your favourite fictional character right now ?
4. What song makes you dance everytime you hear it ?
5. If you were in a band - what would you like to be ?
6. Your favourite word in your native language and what does it mean ?
7. Where will you hide when the zombie apocalypse begin ?
8. What Disney princess you would like to be ?
9. If you can choose one super-power what it will be ?
10. What is your biggest Christmas wish this year ?

...and everyone who wants to do it ! Let me know in comments if you do =) I curious, as always !

If you have any other question you can ask me in comments or on my ask.fm ♪


The last thing for today is a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY organized by dear Mina on her blog 
You can participate and win a pair of these super-cute mitts she made *o*

What are you waiting for =) ?


Have a nice day, everyone ♪
Don´t get too stressed about Christmas gifts and drink a lot of Glühwein =D !

8 komentářů:

  1. Thank ylou for doing the tag :) It was really interesting to read your answers...I am also totally supersticious *ahahaha*

    1. I´m always scared to death when a picture falls from the wall that something terrible happened =D ha ha

      Thank you for tagging me - it was fun =)

  2. I like the art of the british symbolism at that time! Nice picture and interesting answers ^^ I like these tags, because you get to know people a tiny bit better 。^‿^。
    And thank you for entering my giveaway (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    1. I just had to - those mitts you made are super-cute *o*

  3. Jé děkuju za tag! :D I když...vůbec nevím co se s tím má přesně dělat.....jenom odpovědět na otázky? :D (ano, teď vypadám jako největší troll světa, pardón....:D)

    1. Jo jo, normálně je nakopíruješ k sobě - klidně to můžeš udělat celý v češtině...většinou se to nazývá stejně, pak můžeš tagovat další lidi nebo nemusíš...vymyslet svoje otázky, nebo nemusíš - to je fuk =D není to takovýto jakože "když tohle nevyplníš do 10ti let si zlámeš nohu" =D

  4. Done! :D