sobota 9. listopadu 2013

Halloween/Samhain 2013

So after a year of waiting, finally the last Thursday, it was HALLOWEEN yay =D !
Those who are reading this blog for a while know how much I love this holiday ♪

This year was my first Halloween in Germany and I was absolutely surprised how much it is celebrated here in Ingolstadt o_o I met kids in costumes, they were even doing "trick or treat" in those parts of town with family-houses and in the evening so many people went partying in really good costumes - not just some cheap cat ears - for example I met a girl in an amazing Avatar cosplay =D , a lot of zombies, etc.

Same as the last year I spent the daytime celebrating Samhain and in the evening we went out celebrating Halloween. We went for a for a dinner with our friends in our favourite vegerarian restaurant (we wanted to go for sushi, but it was full T_T). Then for some cocktails to a bar "Afterdark" where was a lot of people in costumes and a cute halloween decorations. And our last stop was a club, where we had a mysterious cocktail with a lot of alcohol inside (mysterious because there was nowhere written what is inside...we just liked the name...and now I can´t remember, then found out that it´s actually a rock club, went dancing a little but the music was bad and then headed back home. I have no idea when I went to sleep, but I can clearly remember my headache in the morning =D ha ha I´m getting old, or these cocktails were too strong

I really wanted to carve pumpkins this year since there were so many of them in stores....but...on the 30th November...there was none -_- and so I bought just a few small ones and use them as decoration without carvings. Next year I´ll buy pumpkins in September =D !

I took some photos of my altar and of an outfit I wore in the evening.
I didn´t wear a costume this year, but it was a perfect occasion to wear my new Underworld leggins from LovelySally for the first time *o* I love them ! I bought them a few weeks ago together with Octopodo ones as a birthday gift from my grandma. I hope she´s going to like my zombie-pants when I´ll see her next time =D They remind me of something between The Walking Dead and True Blood so it was literally the love at first sight - I bought them just a few hours after they were released ♪
"unfortunatelly" almost no one noticed them that night because everyone was starring into my vampire eyes =D

oh and at the end of the post is our traditional Halloween photo to a "family photo collection" with my boyfriend trying to look evil ......or something like that <_<

And how was your Halloween or Samhain? What costume did you wear (if you had any) ? Did you carve a pumpkin? Tell me, tell me =) !

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  1. ta poslední fotka je krásná, takoví dva bubáci! tvůj chlap vypadá napůl jako Spock a napůl jako Sherlock. :D a ty jako pekelná míca! já na svůj osobní halloween (možnost jít ven v jiné identitě) teprve čekám a mocmoc se těším! snad se můj záměr podaří naplnit.. :))

    1. ha ha =D děkujem ! napůl Spock a napůl Sherlock =D to se mu bude líbit !

      Držím palce ať se to vydaří ♪

  2. wow you are so sexy-Paul