pondělí 5. srpna 2013

Red Dress + giveaway winner

Today I have three things for you.

First - the winner of my "blog+FB giveaway" which started a week ago
Congratulations !!!
♫ I will send you an email ♫

Second - an outfit with my new red dress.
I don´t want to buy  dark, punk and goth things anymore, but this red dress was so incredibly cheap that I just had to =D I found it in New Yorker for only 2 euro ! At first I wasn´t really sure how to combine it - there are too many ways how to wear it, because it´s so simple. In the end I decided for simple red/black combination with spiked headband, garters and harness - not super-original but I really like it =)

and bonus photo with flash where I look like someone else O_O

spiked headband - DIY
harness - DIY
dress - New Yorker
creepers - Demonia

And the third thing - an interview with me !
Those who follow Rabbit Heart FB or my personal one, already know about it.
I was interviewed by "Undercover Dress-Up Lover" blog *o*
you can read it here ♪
( right now some photos aren´t working, I don´t know why =/ )

I hope you are all enjoying summer ♥

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