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Moves Like Jagger

After quite a lot of talk about my summer adventures I have to catch up with some outfit posts I took a while ago.
For example this one...it´s from the beginning of the July, I think. The last day of my German course. I remember it was unexpectedly chilly, but everyone was dressed-up like it was 30°C in the morning - so we were all freezing when we sat together with my classmates and our teacher for a coffee outside =D

When I saw this t-shirt in H&M for the first time I knew I´ll buy it one day ! Because Mick Jagger and the whole Rolling Stones are my childhood. We´ve been listening to them almost everytime we went somewhere by a car. My dad is a big fan of them and we used to have all of their CDs at home, t-shirts and I even bought a mug with the "Rolling Stones tongue" for him as Christmas gift =D So I always liked their music and their appearance (especially Keith Richards was my favourite creep since childhood) and of course Mick´s dance on stage...so it was just natural for me to like the song from Maroon 5 =D I just have to dance everytime I hear it ♪ (but I´m not as good in imitating Jagger´s moves as my bf is)

So I was super-happy when I found this t-shirt on sale, only for 5euro ! At first I wanted to make dress of it, but then I realized that it´s perfect as an oversized t-shirt and it matches almost with everything - skirts, shorts, leggins ...

And here is my nerdy outfit with fake glasses and socks in sandals...because sooner or later I´ll start to love everything I hate <_< like socks of ugly colours worn in summer sandals ewww
...I can´t stop wearing it =D

spiked headband - DIY
t-shirt - H&M
skirt - New Yorker
sandals - Reno

This is video is so crazy, I thing they´re all on drugs, but it´s still good =D and the real moves are there !

Do you like The Rolling Stones ? 
Do you have any favourite band which you "inherited" from your parents?
Have you ever got in fight because of your music with your parents ? I did - everytime I wanted to listen to some electronic music, my mum got so annoyed by it that I had to put headphones on -_- because she likes only "something with guitars" like Black Sabbath or Deathstars =D

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