čtvrtek 23. května 2013

Wave Gotik Treffen 2013

Hello again !
As you probably noticed I wasn´t very active here in the last few days.
That´s because I was on a holiday ♪
Those of you who follow me on instagram, tumblr or twitter already know that I was enjoying my second visit of the biggest goth festival - Wave Gotik Treffen - in Leipzig.
aaahhhh....it was amazing, again !

I haven´t been writing "a diary" as I did the last year, but I took some photos and I want to tell you about what happened here, what I saw and show you what I wore. I hope you don´t mind =)

This year we decided to be in Leipzig the day before the WGT starts, so we don´t have to hurry and be more fresh on Friday. We arrived at our hotel, which was quite ugly but whatever, unpacked our things and fell asleep, because it was quite a long way. Than we went to buy tickets, found out that pagan village is still closed, bought a wine in supermarket and went back to Agra (which is the center point of the festival) and decided to take a look at the opening party here. You know how much I love parties with a good music and this one was just PERFECT. There was a DJ who looked like Bane from Batman (I was waiting for his permission to dance, all the time =D) and he played sooooo good, he even played my boyfriend´s favourite goth party song and shouted "Welcome to bloodbath !!!" turned on the red light and yeah it was amazing ♥ !

FRIDAY 17.5.
Friday was a victorian/steampunk day. Because there was a victorian picnic starting at 15:00 in a park and in the evening a concert of (my beloved) Abney Park *_*
In the morning we went to buy some groceries in a nearby shopping centre full of old people, families with kids and goths in transparent t-shirts, girls in panties and lack shoes which altoghether looked really funny =)
After a lunch we packed our picnic snack, I tightened myself in a corsed and we went to a park. There was so many people this year o_o and everyone was beautiful ! We met Truls from DraculaClothing and had a little chat, which was nice - because I think we saw each other the last time on the WGT last year. I bought a strawberry bowle here. Bowle is a drink made of fruit, juice and alcohol and especially the almighty lichi bowle was my "drink of the week" ♥ 
Back to the Friday. At first we planned to change our clothes for the concert (my ultimate Abney Park-fangirl outfit), but there was not enought time. Whatever ! We went to Agra for the concert of The 69 Eyes, but after they played all the songs we like we went to take a look at the shopping area *o* because on Friday there is still a lot of good stuff...and this year there was a Cyberdog !!! So I spent almost all of my money right on the first day of the festival on my dream item which they had there in my size and in the colour I wanted <_<
And then the Abney Park was there !!! They were absolutely amazing live, I was so happy that I finally had a chance to see them ♥_♥

On Saturday morning it was rainy =/ Which made me really sad, because we were planning to go to pagan village, sit on the grass, eat, drink and listen to medieval music. Well we went there anyway...I dressed up in my new historical dress and very old cloak and was completely wet after a while, the bottom of my dress was soaked with mud, but that´s what middle-age feels like !!! =D It was fun, how my outfit was improving through the morning, because at first I bought a beautiful headband, a bracelet with bells and then my boyfriend bought me a new cloak ♥ He bought for himself a black cape and a CD of a really good band Kel Amrun which had a concert there. It was cold and rainy and then the singer from Kel Amrun said that they´re going to play a song to celebrate the God of Sun...they played it...and then...in was sunny and warm and the day became absolutely beautiful O__O sorcery ! And what was also amazing on the band - they had a female and MALE belly dancer on stage for the last song ... I never thought how sexy a belly dancer-boy could look *_*
In the evening there was this amazing fetish party where we were the last year and we were looking forward to it whole year. I dressed up in my full-harness-outfit and Honza wore a fishnet top and pants...and when we got there, there was a super long and a short queue where people where waiting to get in. Because the security was checking everyone´s things and a dresscode...but probably because there was so many people they made the dresscode more strict than the last year.......and they didn´t let us in -_- as well as a lot and lot of others...........T_T
We didn´t had time to wait in the longer queue, where the security was probably kinder but you have to wait longer, because at that time was already 23pm and at 1am the concert of IAMX which we HAD TO see started. So we went back to Agra, Honza depressed by the fact he was not fetish enought (=D) and I only in my panties and IAMX t-shirt <_<
But the concert was amazing, it was my third time seeing them live and  this one was probably the best ♥

SUNDAY 19.5.
Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. I wore my LovelySally swimsuit, which was a perfect idea - it was quite a hot on sun through the day and in the evening we partied really hard on concerts.
In the morning we went to pagan village again - because there is the best food, cherry beer and amazing atmosphere. I had a middle-age modification of pizza and bought a ring in my favourite stall "Windalf". Also I couldn´t leave WGT without anything from Al Mischas, so I bought a few things for my censer which are going to smell beautiful, I think =)
We went to Agra for a while and then to our favourite Werk II where the PHOSGORE concert started at 17:30 and it was ABSOLUTELY amazing !!! It was the best concert from the whole WGT this year, for me. They were sooooo good *_* We were in the second row in the middle and danced like crazy =D If you´re in this heavy-electronic-shit kind of music (=D) and you don´t know them I highly recomend you to play this loud and purchase their CD as we did.
After this destruction of our ears, we went to eat a dinner in a cute and calm restaurant where we relaxed and drank coctails. Then we went back to Werk II where Incubite, Shiv-r and Noisuf-X were playing. Those first two were...yeah yeah...and Noisuf-X were EPIC, played really long, everyone danced like crazy again and the air in the Werk II was almost unbreathable, but nobody cared =D
After the end of the Noisuf-X everyone rushed out to take a breath and those who weren´t completely wet from sweat became wet outsite because there was a heavy rain. So we went home, because we were dead anyway =D

MONDAY 20.5.
Monday was a lazy and tired day. All the goths were just slowly walking around, spending their last money in shopping area or sitting around. We did the same. The day started in pagan village (again) with "pizza", garlic bread and cherry beer. We bought another of these big celtic fabrics, this time with Yggdrasil - I plan to put it on a wall in my work-room *o* Then we went to Agra where I bought this beautiful (not goth at all) dress with cape - it will be perfect for historical events in hot summer days !
And then we met our friends Vašek and Anička and spent the rest of the day together. At first we planned to stay a while in La Petite Absintherie, but it was completely full so we went to eat ramen *__* with gyoza and tea and pudding nom nom nom
After this delicious meal we went to Werk II again to see some horror-billy and...another-billy bands <_< I´m sorry I don´t know anything about this music, but I really liked it. The horror-billy band was dressed like zombies and then the band Koffin Kats was just amazing o_o they were doing funny things with their instruments, like standing on contrabas or playing on it behind their heads =D The music was pretty good, too ! We also met Angelina Angelic there who is a beautiful czech burlesque singer, I´m so happy I had a chance to talk to her even for a little while, because she´s so kind =3
The last band didn´t amuse us much so we went back to Agra to eat and drink some midnight snack, but almost every stall was closed already =( We took a look at the ending party, but then found out we´re so tired we couldn´t party anymore =D
So we said goodbye to each other, to 22nd Wave Gotik Treffen and went to our hotels.

The WGT has ended but not our holiday. We travelled to Prague from Leipzig and decided to make a little sight-seeing day in Dresden, which was on our way. So we became goth tourists for a day and we weren´t the only ones. We met some other (tired, but sight-seeing, as well) goths there, too =)
Dresden is beautiful town, but it reminded me of Prague too much. Too many tourists, historical centre, but the non-touristic part where we went by a mistake was a sad place with too many things reminding of the time when there was a communism as well as in Czech Republic.
But I wish to come back some day, because I NEED to go inside the Zwinger gallery !

...and that´s it =)
Ordinary people go to a beach for a holiday, goths go to Leipzig

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  1. Opět moc pěknej report :) Smekám nad parádními outfity (hlavně medieval a naprosto dokonalej Lucipurr). A vidět Abney Park živě je snem každýho steampunkera, tedy i mě :D No nezbývá nic jinýho, než se kochat tou záplavou fotek a článků, co se teď objevují.

    1. Děkuju =) jsem ráda, že se líbí a nenapsala jsem to nějak moc nudně =D AP byli úžasný, já doufám že se do Evropy zase někdy vrátí a tentokrát i s obchůdkem, protože to mě dost vytočilo že s sebou neměli merch...chtěla jsem si koupit CD, knížku, podkolenky =/

  2. uuu bych tam tak chtěla jet okounět *_*
    slušálo ti to a nechápu jak jsi mohla být nevhodně oblečená na fetish párty O_o

    1. Musíte taky někdy jet ! =)
      No já jsem asi byla v pohodě, ale Honza nebyl ani v catsuitu z latexu ani transka tak to pan sekuriťák zamítnul =/

  3. Du bist so schön und allem Anschein nach hattet ihr ja eine super Zeit :D

  4. Bedlivě jsem sledovala Tumblr! :D Všechno je tak dokonalý... tvoje outfity, koncert AbneyPark, celý ty dny... aach jo kéž by se mi tak poštěstilo někdy ♥♥♥ hlavně teda moc se mi líbí ten historický outfit - čelenka a plášťe, dokonalost :) a taky ten z pikniku, bomba... :)

    1. žjuu =) moc děkuju ! Tak třeba taky někdy dojedete, ono to není tak nereálný jak to vypadá - taky jsem si ještě nedávno myslela, že nemám nikdy šanci se tam dostat =D

    2. no pro mě je to taky reálný, ale ještě se mi nepodařilo moc přemluvit druha... :D

  5. Pěknej report, moc ti to slušelo!

  6. Vypadá to jako nádherná dovolená! :D
    Kde jsi prosím sehnala tu bronzovou larpish čelenku? Je boží! Must have!

    1. Joo taky byla =D jde to i bez moře mít pěknou dovolenou !
      Tu čelenku jsem koupila právě v tý středověký vesničce, akorát si bohužel nepamatuju název stánku =/

  7. Achjo, já budu plakat, že mi to zas letos nevyšlo. Hrozně se mi po té atmosféře stýská... Ale jsem ráda, že sis to užila aspoň ty! :)

  8. Super ;-) Jen teda nevím, jestli bych na Honzově místě byla nadšena z fetish oblečku a plavek se síťovkama xD

  9. Super ;-) Jen teda nevím, jestli bych na Honzově místě byla nadšena z fetish oblečku a plavek se síťovkama xD

  10. Amazing!!!
    So great you got to photograph so many things!
    That strawberry bowle looks yummy and it seems to match you gorgeous hair colour.

    Your post made me feel the Leipzig warmth. It's great since it's been raining every day at my place and I've been sick all May while my boyfriend travels within Mexico for two months. T_T

    WGT seems so beautiful I can't wait to plan a trip where I can spend vacations with the beloved as well.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome holidays!

    1. Thank you =)

      I´m so sorry about you being sick while you BF is in Mexico =/ But I´m sure there will be a lot of beatiful summer days for more adventures *_*(it´s really ugly weather here as well, now)
      Get well soon !

  11. Wow *____* Well, jsem ti za tenhle report fakt vděčná, na WGT bych jednou fakt chtěla (bohužel si asi budu muset pár let počkat :D)tak aspoň takhle trochu vim, co se dělo a tak ...:) To muselo být tak super (kupa divných lidí na jednom místě, to je vždycky bezva..:D myslim samozřejmě takové ty správně divné lidi :D)
    Doufám, že sis to užila :)A fakt ti to slušelo, ty se mi prostě děsně líbíš jak v lolitě tak v civilu (no, nevim nakolik se tomu dá říkat civil, ale chápeš..:D)

    A prosím tě..co za tetování máš na tom stehně? Neptala bych se, ale vždycky nad tím uvažuju a už fakt nevím :D z fotek se v tom nějak nedokážu zorientovat T___T

  12. zrovna dneska jsem se dověděla, že takový fetival existuje, kouknu ti na blog a tady celý report *o* alespoň závistivě sliním :D moc ti to slušelo :)