pátek 26. dubna 2013

Steampunk Lolita

I have a new lolita skirt, which is not so new...well it´s not even second-hand it´s third-hand =D I bought it from my friend KK and I didn´t even know with what will I combine it. So many colours ! Most of my lolita things are just black =D
But it was for a really good price and I always liked this Bodyline Antique Clock print + I don´t know anyone who has this colour ! yay

In the end it wasn´t that hard as I expected to make an outfit with it. Only thing that I miss are brown shoes for spring/summer because I cant wear those all year...
And because those boots are more steampunk than lolita and the print is pretty steampunk, too...and of course ginger hair is the best for steampunk ! =D ...I decided I´m going to put things together in some kind of steampunk lolita outfit.
And I really liked it a lot ♪

I dressed up like that on one very nice Saturday. 
In the morning we went to our local game shop with my boyfriend and bought PlayStation 3 !!! omg *o* finally, my childhood dream come true ! We were so happy about it that all we wanted to do the rest of the day was, of course, playing games my friend borrowed me. BUT we had some more important things to do - for example going for a lunch to a Turkish restaurant o_o
I´ve never been in one before and I never even ate Kebab - so this was my first time and it was absolutely delicious *o* After that we went to a Turkish supermarket and this was my loot =D

Coconut pocky and Uludag Gazoz which is some kind of Turkish lemonade which tastes like bubble gum and I instantly fell in love with that flavour ♥

After this yummy lunch we had to do the most important thing of the day - travel to Ikea and buy bookshelves and some other things. We´re starting to be really tired of Ikea, because we were there like 1000 time in a last half of the year, so we decided to visit a cute shop near it before we enter the Saturday-Ikea-Shopping-Nightmare. 
The KARE design shop was absolutely amazing *o* I love design furniture and those pieces were so original, cute and...yeah expensive like hell.
I didn´t want to leave without this garden set...

...and than it was just a normal shopping day, usual stress from how we´re going to fit all those boxes in our car, and than finally home sweet PS3 home *___*
(I played Uncharted until late night and died afterwards)

And now for the outfit ♪

Can you see my matching earrings ? They´re clocks, too =) !

blouse : offbrand
cardigan : H&M
necklace : gift from KK
skirt : Bodyline
shoes : I think I bought them in Kenvelo like 10000 years ago =D

Have a nice weekend, everyone ♪

7 komentářů:

  1. so much envy, i've been looking for similar blouse for ages! O.O it's so pretty..

    1. Me too ! And it was sooooooo cheap, I don´t know why I didn´t buy one from every colour...it cost like 4euro >_<

  2. Vypadáš opravdu kouzelně ^^. Miluju to jak, jak všechno ladíš do posledního detailu. A i když to bude asi znít hnusně, jsi snad jediná lolita, která si udělá i makeup aby to bylo perfektní. Což pak je.

    1. Moc děkuju =) bez make-upu to prostě nejde ! =D (já bych jinak vypadala jak mumie)

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