pondělí 29. dubna 2013

Burn the Witch !

Since Beltain is almost here and in Czech Republic is this day known as "burning the witches" I decided that I´ll finaly show you those few photos we made with my friend Lyrel....last summer <_<
(I absolutely don´t know why I haven´t posted them earlier, because they´re absolutely amazing !)

Lyrel had a new cute retro Lomo camera at that time and wanted to take some photos with me. And because I just love lomography I couldn´t refuse it, also I really liked the topic Lyrel made up - something like a witch before she is going to be burned. She found this amazing place with creepy church in the centre of very busy part of Prague with this tiny little "meadow" in front of it.

It was a real fun, because I travelled in this make-up about 30minutes in public transport with all those accessories and a deer skull in bag =D than I got bitten by ants while photoshooting because I sat in their nest and in the end one of my shoes broke completely so I had to went barefoot to a nearest shopping centre  and Lyrel had to borrow me money so I could buy a new shoes in H&M - all in those witch-like clothes and heavy make-up on =D ha ha 

I absolutely love the result - they´re just little b&w photos, but I think they have amazing atmosphere ♥

Is this weird tradition on 30th April of "burning witches" in other countries, too?

Since I was little I find it awful and I hate the idea of burning even stuffed dolls who looked like witches.
I also remember from my childhood, that in the small village where my grandma had a cottage, there was something really cruel going on with cats when the bonfire was burning, I don´t remember it clearly but I was really terrified by it. I don´t know if cats were inside of the bonfire and jumped out when the fire started or guys were chasing them until they jumped in T___T I have to ask my grandma about it !

well...=D I hope you like these photos ♪

12 komentářů:

  1. wow!! amazing photos! *.* you are one very beautiful witch! :))

  2. To jsou naprosto úžasné fotky! *_*
    Musím říct, že se mi nejvíc líbí ta poslední, ta je naprosto úžasná.
    A ta atmosféra, která je z toho cítit, prostě bomba.

    1. Moc děkuju =)
      Nejlepší je, že tohle úžasný místo je nahoře za obchoďákem na Andělu v Praze na Smíchově =D největší zaflusaná ďura a mezitím taková oáza klidu !

  3. You are an absolutely PERFECT witch!! And i adore this makeup! Didn't you think about any tutorial? ;)

    1. Thank you =) !
      I don´t know...it´s really not something special, just a lot of eyeliner, but it´s not a bad idea - maybe I´ll take some close-ups next time for an inspiration =)

  4. Ty fotky jsou úžasné! Ty se na tu čarodějnici totiž úplně hodíš :D ( myslím to v tom nejlepším významu ^^)

  5. Musím povedať, že si extremne krásna čarodejnica! :D