pondělí 18. března 2013


It took me almost half a year to take all of the photos on a new film in my lomo camera. There was no sunlight the most of the time, so everytime sun came out I put on clothes and run to take some photos =D
So it start´s with autumn photo of me in a wood near our old flat in Prague, there is the first snow in Ingolstadt, Christmas market, the first spring-like day and even two lolitas ! I took all of 36 photos, but unfortunatelly thanks to my idiotic self I opened up the cover too soon and destroyed four last photos >_<

I used a slide film (diapozitiv?) this time and let it develop with cross process.
(Now I sound like I really know what I´m talking about, but no...thank you, Murhaaya !)
So the photos have this weird greenish colour and I really like it !

Here are the ones I like the most ♪

My favourite of them all is probably the third from the bottom - with trees and then those with birds ♥
How about you =) ? 

9 komentářů:

  1. Wow! These are so amazing!
    I really love the grain and green tint it gives off a very interesting atmosphere. The Christmas carousel looks rather eerie.
    The first one where you are surrounded by all these red lights with the amazing burtonesque roots in th back and the third from the bottom with the trees are simply beautiful. The last one is my favourite. A portrait of a lolita in the snow yet somewhat rejected by the over exposure as if it were burning.

    Whenever I see lomography photos I always imagine these weird stories. I have two rejected undeveloped films... I should go work on them soon. :P

    1. This is absolutely amazing, with your stories behind them these photos are even better ! I love how weird everything turns out when taking photos on lomo camera ♥
      Thank you !

  2. I love those second birds... that is the best picture of these I daresay. :) ^^

    1. Thank you ♥ I have four photos of these birds and I like all of them, but I didn´t want to have here some "birds-flying-spam" =D

  3. Mně se nejvíce líbí ty fotky s ptákama :) a můžu se tě zeptat, jaký máš model foťáku? Vím, že jsi ho v jednom článku měla na obrázku, ale nedokážu to z toho poznat :-D

  4. Krásné fotky... :)
    S mým mini foťáčkem by nic takového nafotit nešlo :D