pondělí 11. února 2013

Christmas Lolita Meet-up

Yeah, this is old.
But I was waiting for better internet connection to write this, so I could download some photos from the event.
On the 1st December we had our traditional Christmas lolita meet-up in Prague. It´s the biggest lolita event in Czech Republic and I was there every year since it´s start. Last year I didn´t have any photos of my outfit because there was no time to do so. This year it was quite complicated, too since I had to prepare my outfit two weeks before, left it in Prague, then there was moving and all this craziness and then I got back for this meet-up weekend and was hoping that I prepared everything. Of course I didn´t - I forgot about black cardigan so I had to borrow it from my mum =D 

In the middle of all this madness I even managed to make gifts for lolitas ! I made those crochet flower brooches and added chocolate in the gifts. I made ten of them, because I didn´t know how many gifts I´m going to get and from who >_<

And here is what I wore.
I wore just a simple coord, but I tried my best on my make-up. I just love wearing this full-lolita outfits with fake eyelashes, circle lenses and wig <3 I was feeling like a doll 

jsk - Bodyline

Appart from great time and talk with my friends we had those radioactive cupcakes which Lyrel made !
They were just delicious ! nom

I musn´t forget about gifts I got.
All of them are perfect and I wear them very often <3

Now take a better look at the picture of me which Gobloch drew !

It´s so cute ! It´s me from the fashion show photo where I was as sweet lolita on anime convention in 2010 =D

Now back to meet-up =)
I don´t have more photos from my own camera, because I was too occupied by gossiping, so I had to borrow a few of them from Ketmara´s blog (she is that amazing person who organize this whole thing)

photo by Lyrel
photo by Grestem
photo by Grestem
photo by Grestem

With my friend Maxé and radioactive cupcakes =D

4 komentáře:

  1. Páni, Maxé má dlouhý vlasy? O.o To jsem netušila. Moc jí to sluší :)
    A vám (tobě) samozřejmě taky :)

    1. Jo jo, jí rostou vlasy jak z vody (narozdíl ode mě) =) Děkujem !

  2. Moc ti to slušelo ^^ A ta fotka z roku 2010 je dokonalá! :D Taky bych chtěla 3 roky starých fotkách vypadat tak dobře xDD

    Ale Maxe bych teda nepoznala O.o Kdepak přišla k tak dlouhým vlasům? :) Hrůza, jsem tak neinformovaná ...velká škoda,ze Maxe už není vůbec vidět, vy jste byly takové mé dvě loli modly :D

    1. Moc děkuju =) ! no to je jedna z mála starých fotek kde si nepřipadám jako debil =D světlý moment uprostřed lolitích začátků !

      No já se jí pořád snažim dokopat, aby se nechala vyfotit nebo něco postla jenže to jak když mluvíš do dubu =D