pátek 8. února 2013


This outfits is something I wear most of the time in this winter, when it gets too cold for leggins but not so cold for a skirt =)
I adore this plaid skirt from H&M which I bought a few years ago. Short plaid skirts are just cute, maybe it´s because of my otaku-teenage-past, reminding me of school-girl uniform which I always wanted =D But this one is something more ! It has pockets !!! Pockets are the only thing which I miss on leggins, because I need handkerchief all the time...I don´ t know why, I need to blow my nose everytime I´m nervous or don´t know what to do with hands...and that´s most of the time when I´m outside =D
So this is my perfect plaid skirt with pockets, my handmade leg-warmers and neck-warmer, my fluffy earmuffs and this cute sweatshirt I bought in New Yorker a few weeks ago. It´s so cool, it matches almost everything in my wardrobe and it´s very comfortable.

earrmuffs - Gate
neck and legwarmers - crochet by me
sweatshirt - New Yorker
skirt - H&M
tights - C&A
shoes - Vagabond

8 komentářů:

  1. Ta sukně je super ♥ takovou nějakou (hlavně teda ty kapsy - kvůli mobilu se sluchátkama :D) bych taky potřebovala -_-

    1. Kapsy na sukních jsou hrozně praktický, nechápu proč tam skoro nikdy nejsou =D

  2. This has got a school girl vibe to it that I love! ♥

    1. Me too =D I just love this school-girl combination of short skirt and legwarmers =) Thank you !