neděle 8. dubna 2018

Winter Rosengarten

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After ages here's another lolita outfit post ! I know they are very rare lately, but hopefully there will be more opportunities and also better weater to wear lolita fashion again soon :)

In February, girls from Nürnberg came for visit and we couldn't pick a "better" day for our meet-up. After a few days which almost looked like winter is slowly over, snow storm arrived and it was snowing the whole day with a lot of traffic jams and highways covered in snow... but fortunatelly girls arrived quite on time and we spent the whole day sitting, eating and chatting at Rosengarten restaurant ♪

I finally had a chance to wear my new "The voice from the other side" skirt from Lady Sloth and decided to go for a bit more OTT "witch" lolita - which sounds pretty ita, I know :D Since the temperatures were around zero I thought I can wear a wig again after a while and also a hat - which happened to be the best decision ever, because the snow couldn't hit my face and destroy my make-up ! (need to remember this trick for the next winter)

Appart from the skirt I was wearing my usual "old" stuff and discovered how PERFECTLY my Ouija necklace from Omnia Oddities matches with the skirt ♥

While we were sitting in the restaurant the snow covered everything with a thick layer all around the park and we just had to take the opportunity to do some "Narnia-like" photos :) here are some really nice shots done by dear Deddi ♥

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

2 komentáře:

  1. To je tak boží outfit! A jsem naprosto zamilovaná do té paruky! Taky bych přesně takovou potřebovala!*_*

    1. Děkuju :3 je to moje oblíbená (hned po tý Střelenkovský blond, teda), člověk si jí dá na hlavu a instantně vypadá jako čarodějka (v pozitivním slova smyslu :D)