čtvrtek 17. srpna 2017

Zakynthos 2017

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I finally got around to put together post about this year's big adventure :)
After spending holidays in various pretty cities around Europe in the last few years, we decided for a change this year and have a "normal" lazy, sunny holidays at the beach.

It sounds almost weird from me, doesn't it? We both haven't been to lazy beach holidays since our teenage years and back then it was pretty boring week or two with our parents, lying at the beach, reading book, getting fried on the sun and most importantly - endless uncomfortable hours in car travelling to get there.

So we decided to spend summer beach holidays the way we like it ! We picked Greece as our destination and chose Zakynthos island as the perfect place for us. At first I planned to go really stereotypical and stay at hotel with breakfast, private beach and everything, but then we discovered Lithies organic farm on Airbnb and hotels suddenly looked boring and dull :D

As for the travel - we took a flight from Prague, which departed ONLY totally incredibly early time - something like 6 in the morning or even sooner ?! Which was ugh... I decided to not go to sleep at all, so in the end I was awake for more than 26 hours, which was... ha ha... fun :D but I survived !

The Lithies houses are  BEAUTIFUL ♥ We had a lovely house with red door and two floors, with view on sea and everyday cat visits at the porch :) The owner of the whole farm is an incredibly kind woman and her son who are also running a taverna which serves dishes made from home-grown vegetables *o* We were having a dinner there every day for the whole week and I came home much heavier than I left :D ha ha (actually Greek food was one of the main reasons why we picked this destination)

We didn't spend the whole week only laying at beach and sunbathing, but we also made some trips around island and one hike on top of the highest mountain with monastery (or what is left of it). 

I have to say that this one week on Zakynthos changed my mind about lazy beach holidays and I actually miss it quite a lot and hope we will come back soon ♥

I will not bother you with tourist "here I am in my swimsuit at the beach" photos (I don't even have any except from a few in my phone :D), but here are some nice moments I captured through the week ♪ 

Best thing ever ? Lemons growing everywhere like apples ! 

 our house ♥

dried out tiny salt lake :) 

Lithies taverna 

 our loot - the big olive oil bottle was a gift from the farm owner, made from olives grown there ♥ I got a lot of spices and I wanted to buy even more, but Honza was worried that guards at airport could think that I have a suitcase full of Marihuana :D

I bought this BEAUTIFUL (seriously, it's so pretty that it needs caps lock) tea cup and the cutest little ceramic studio just a few steps from our organic farm. The ceramic artist is such a kind and calm old guy with lazy ginger cat (he was definitelly not a muggle) and all of his work is inspired by sea ♥ I am absolutely in love with colours of the tea cup - it looks exactly like sea and beach from above ♥ Honza bought his first tile for his tile collection and I also got a ceramic seashell with small bead and made them into a necklace :)

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. These photos are all beautiful! Looks like you had a really great time :) I really love the cup, it looks just like the ocean (and the tile looks like an island in the sea) <3

  2. Reading the beginning of this post I had a certain image in my head. Then when I read Greece I had a moment "oh yeah, not everyone lives on the East Coast of the United States!" XD I wish I could say my summer vacations were that pretty! And historically significant!

  3. Although Greece is next to my country (Bulgaria), I haven't been there on a vacation except for a school trip in middle school. But looking at your photos I start dreaming about this place and hopefully next year it'll come true :)