pátek 31. března 2017

CreativMesse München 2017

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In February we decided to visit CreativMesse (creative fair) in Munich together with Rommily and Mina :) We planned to go there last year already, but I was still living in Ingostadt back then and since we had no idea if it's good or bad, we somehow skipped it :D

But this year it's much closer to where I live, so I decided that we will give it a try. The entry wasn't expensive and at least we had a reason to meet :)

As I said we had no idea what to expect... is there going to be something for sale? Or just people showing their creations? Or only these funny-looking workshops (like "making of müsli spoons from clay" ?!! :D) ...and the most important question IS THERE GOING TO BE YARN FOR SALE ?
Just to be sure, we took enough money with us... 


whoa ! There was so many great things to buy *o* 
At the beginning we were like "well, maybe later, I'll come back for this" and then it was only "OK, buying this and that and this one too !"

The place was really nice, huge with good light and fresh air and everyone was so kind ! It was great to be among the same crafting freaks like me :D

Surely the best were stands with yarn, one in particual - Tausendschön - which had AMAZING HAND-DYED YARN and we kinda left most of our money there :D ha ha

Just look at this ♥

(the sticker says "knitting is the new yoga")

I was taking photos just with my phone, so they're not the best quality, but at least you can see the atmosphere and some interesting things I found there ♪

 knitting grandpa !


 ... and so many stamps !
But I forgot to take photo of my favourite shop T_T


Of course I had to dress up a bit :)
I think mori with hand-knitted scarf fits quite well in the crafting enviroment.

(I got a new tattoo and it grew much bigger since February ♪)


yarn from Tausendschön, KnitPro shawl pin and funny knitting postcards ♥

I'm already working on shawl from the "blueberry yogurt" one and the mint green 

 beautiful pendants from cute stand from Holland

Hand Letterning excercise book from Frau Annika - I'll finally learn it ! 

The cutest stamps from Sommerabend ♥
the owner is super-kind young woman who is making all these tiny little stamps on her own ! Everything is hand-carved and designed by her *o*
I came back for more stamps when we were leaving and I got one as gift, because I was returning customer :D I got these which you can see on the business card - epic fail (for my art :D), toadstool, acorn, sewing "handgemach" machine, teapot and the little heart

I also bought a pack full of gifts for Han, but she already has them in her possession so you'll have check her Instagram to see it ;)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Ach to je boží místo!!! A ty věcičky a klubíčka! O______o (a s poklady se pořád kochám :D ♥♥♥)