úterý 13. prosince 2016

Light Mori

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of October my dear friend Rommily celebrated her birthday and invited us over for ramen,  delicious cakes, Bollywood movie and a lot of lolita talk ♥
Since I knew we will be sitting and eating most of the time I didn't want to wear petticoat or any fancy lolita dress.
Instead I dressed up in mori, a bit more fancier than usual ♪

Light colours, flower headband and white shoes are something I unfortunatelly don't have a chance to wear very often ...

headband, necklace, crochet shawl, skirt - DIY

Even though it was Rommily's birthday party, Vanilla surprised me with gift as well *o*
I got A HUGE package full of yarn, crochet hooks, Harry Potter socks and also delicious fruit wine from medieval fair ♥

I already bought more of the mustard yarn for cardigan,  I plan to knit fingerless gloves from the natural ones and hmm maybe hat or headband from the blue ones and violet one... so many possibilities *o*

I hope you're not stressed out from Christmas !
I always think about gifts in advance and then I just go and buy everything planned, no stressful improvisations =D I already sent out all gift for my distant friends, I got everything for Honza and mum... now just a gift for granma remains usolved - the hardest part =D

I also visited Christmas lolita meet-up in Nürnberg and went to Christmas markets in Munich many times already, so I'm in quite a holiday mood ♪ ♫ ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Those socks are adorable and that fruit wine looks amazing. Your mori outfit is adorable! I especially like that sweater. It looks like you get a lot of use of of it.

    1. Thank you ♥ Yes, that sweater is my favourite mori accessory =D !