pátek 8. května 2015

The Buzz of Coca-Cola

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Same as every year, at the end of March I went to Prague to finally meet with THE WHOLE "Rambling Company of Peculiar Heroes", except for Míša who is currently in USA (lucky one !). It´s really crazy - we used to see each other everyday, even on weekends and when not IRL we met online in Rune-Midgard =D And now? We hardly meet with three of us when I´m in Prague and only ONCE in year we are complete ! I guess we all grew old and busy... pff -_-

I don´t know why, but Tercenya´s b-day is always one big party at someone´s place with tons of food and no sleep. This year wasn´t different, of course - we spent the whole night eating, playing Prophecy and listening to crazy old Czech pop songs...and of course we didn´t sleep at all ! (...sometimes I´m thinking that we act like kids, really <_< we weren´t even drunk, just tired because we´re all getting old for all-night cardboard games marathon =D)

I knitted shawl for Tercenya, but I will show it to you in a separate post together with another knitted gift ♪ So here, at least, have one of these "pretty" songs - our favourite ! GEJZÍÍÍÍR

for non-Czech speaking readers - the main part of the songs is something like this

just me and my crew,
the buzz of Coca-Cola


And now for the thing I wanted to originally talk about... an outfit !
A few day before this happened, I went to H&M to found out that the recent "strega" collection is now finally on sale - which is great, but terrible at the same time - most of the clothing were made in China and Bangladesh, so I couldn´t buy them, because otherwise I would feel awful......so I was looking for something made in "better" countries and got three things from Turkey. The working conditions aren´t good in Turkey as well, but still better than in Bangladesh or Cambodia, I hope.......yeah, the lesser evil I would call it... but mostly I GOT WEAK AND BOUGHT IT ARGGH because it was pretty >_< eehhh
I bought - leggins, skirt and this top/dress
I am a sinner, I know

sunglasses - C&A
earrings - DIY
necklace - DraculaClothing
top - H&M
shoes - Vagabond

Those who follow my instagram probably noticed, that I´m currently obsessed with round glasses =D  We call them "lennonky" in Czech which means Lennon´s glasses, as you probably understood even without my explanation =) I haven´t got any since we were hippies at primary school with my best friends, which is maybe more than 10 years ago ?!! oh my, I´m getting old !

Since I bought them I didn´t wear any others - they´re just perfect ! Weird and pretty - "uglybeautiful" as I call it =D same as the other two things I bought for summer - denim high-waisted shorts and vest ha ha =D

Do you have any plans for what to wear in spring or summer? Do you have any "fashion resolutions", like "I will finally start wearing mori-girl/lolita/strega/nothing only" ? What´s your inspiration for summer ? For me it´s a really weird combo - mori + strega + neo-grunge + hippie

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

4 komentáře:

  1. Na tu šálu jsem zvědavá :)

    1. Snad se bude líbit ♪ (mě se teda líbila hodně =D kdybych už z tý samý vlny neměla Lonely tree shawl, upletla bych si to i pro sebe)

  2. Tak tohle je super outfit :) Odkud máš prosím ten cardigan? Sháním něco podobného, díky

    1. Děkuju =) To už bohužel netuším - koupila mi ho před 150ti lety někde máma, ale teď mají podobný skoro všude - v H&Mku nebo v C&Ačku určitě najdeš ♪