pátek 6. března 2015

What the FOX ?

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I hope you like foxes ! Because there will be quite a lot of them in this post =)

Last summer I was in Prague to buy new fabrics for the shop and while I was looking for some pretty lolita prints I stumbled upon this cuteness !

nerd foxes, mustache foxes, fedora foxes, hipster foxes, ... !

It was love at the first sight and I was sure that will buy at least one meter even though it was expensive and I had no idea what I´m going to do with it =D

Of course it took me half a year to finally make something from this fabric. I wasn´t able to sew anything else appart from lolita skirts for my shop - because every time I had a day off I was just sooo tired of sewing that I had no motivation to make something for me -_-
I really wanted to make completely ethical sweatshop-free lolita skirts, but the price of chinese products is so low and they are so popular, that I couldn´t stand a chance. So in autumn I decided to give up on lolita shop completely and continue just with my dear harnesses on Etsy =)

And now I´m finally back in the right mood for sewing and experiments *o* I don´t have to watch out for every tiny little mistake and enjoy the process again ! yay ♥

In the end I decided to make a skirt, because I already have 1000 tote bags and bags, so it would be just a waste of time.
I was so happy to be back in the sewing mood that I finished this just in 3 hours =D

And what´s even better ? A few days after I got a package from my dear friend Míša who is now in USA, packed in fox wrapping paper with a fox t-shirt inside *o* Perfect match !

Of course I had to wear it right away together with my new skirt ♥

What an usuall outfit for me ! Don´t you think?
I even wore a lipstick !!! ha ha

In the end I went dressed up like this to the vet, where my dear Satan got his second part of vaccination and the doctor was so slow and scarred that he got really nervous and in the end I had to jump out of the car because he almost puked on my new skirt - so much for looking like a lady =D
...now back to leggins and harem pants, I think <_<

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

10 komentářů:

  1. Such a cute look! The top and skirt are so fun and sweet and your legs are gorgeous and sexy in those bright tights. Very lovely and exciting :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. Dělala jsem ze stejné látky obal na knihu, taky mě uchvátila, na sukni to vypadá ještě líp!

    1. Jee to je úžasný nápad *o* vypadá to perfektně !

  3. Musím se už konečně naučit šít! Tak moc mě inspiruješ :)

    1. Na tom nic není, jenom spousta trpělivosti =) držím palce, aby se dařilo ♪

  4. Jéé! :) To je skvělá látka. Co je to za obchod?

    1. Normálně levné látky Mráz - možná, že jí budou mít ještě na e-shopu =)