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"art" post - January/February

Hi, my dear readers ♥

January and February were cold and grey so I was drawing mostly colorful watercolour pictures of my OCs, because they always make me happy =)
I also tried a bit of coloring in PS, but still...I like watercolors more ♥

" I´m a creep, I´m a weirdoooooo ♪ ♫ ♪ "

Elweera loves music and everytime they get a bit drunk with Niam they sing out loud their favourite songs with her playing guitar.
It sounds surprisingly good, because Elweera is a pretty good musician and Niam has a beautiful elven voice ♪

I´m trying to learn how to draw emotions and more "alive" picture - this was the first one =)

"Her Kingdom"

Momo loves all kind of plants and really miss living in an elven forest. That´s why she´s buying more and more flowers, cacti and succulents and her room slowly starts to look like a little botanical garden. She´s studying botany, so it´s allowed by Niam "for study reasons", but what´s not are fairies - it´s forbiden to take them from forest and keep them in a city.... so, please don´t tell anyone =) !

This was so much fun ! I have to draw more pictures like this - a lot of details, watercolors and cacti ♥

Elweera´s winter problem...
....and Momo´s solution !
-be careful what you are saying when knitter is near-

I fell in love with this photo so much that I just had to draw it ♥

At the beginning of February I finally saw Maleficent and she was so pretty *o*
Copic try after a while ...

portrait practice
... I don´t know if I like it or not =D

evening doodle =)
I was too tired to do something bigger, but I really wanted to draw !

This one is already from March, but it matches the topic so I will put it in this post as well =)
Momo´s fairies on their own picture, so you can see them better !

I used masking fluid on this one for the first time and it was great *o*

And now for some big news concerning my "art"

Remember my never-ending "I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-my-life-crisis" ? It got better ever since I closed my lolita shop and the harness Etsy store goes much MUCH better, so I don´t have to worry about money and actually can have some plans with new products...
... but still, if I ask myself a question "Is this is what I always wanted to do? Did really my greatest passion became my job ?" I´m not sure about the answer. I still love drawing so much...I can´t help it ! I have this tiny little feeling in my head that I shouldn´t give up, work more and maybe one day I will get somewhere...it´s all about confidence and that´s a thing which I almost don´t have........and that´s why I need you, to support me, to motivate me - I´m not collecting followers like Pokémons =D Just... every new follower is like a big kick for me to continue and believe that maybe it isn´t as bad as I see it >_<  sooooo thank you in advance if you decide to "give it a like" ♥

Critique is very important, so if you see any mistakes or think of some picture that it´s a complete crap - say it =D it´s not like I will never take a pencil in my hand again, I need to learn =)
Thank youuu ♪

P.S. I started to put together some posts about fairtrade fashion, food and lifestyle....it will take time to collect photos and informations - but I´m working on it !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. LOVE!


  2. Čím maluješ/kreslíš prosím přímo konkrétní značky :)

    1. Ahoj =) pastelky používám Polychromos od Faber-Castell, akvarelky - netuším jak se to jmenuje, protože jsou ruský a je to v azbuce, jinak Copic obtahovače a markery...papíry všehochuť, většinou dražší akvarelový bloky od německých nebo anglických značek např. Winsor & Newton ...tužky od Faber Castell, takový ty šedý, trojhranný co se líp drží v ruce =D tuš Staedler nebo Koh-i-noor ...no a to je asi všechno =)? Kdyby něco, klidně se ptej tady nebo na asku (tam si toho víc všimnu =D) ♪