čtvrtek 13. listopadu 2014

October Weekend in Prague

Hello, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of October we went to Prague for a bit longer than usual - there was a national holiday on Friday in Germany, so we could go one day earlier. Which means a working day in Prague...which means - doctor visits and shopping of materials all over Prague >_< a lot of travelling and empty wallet at the end of the day... -_-
But we also celebrated birthday of my bf´s father, my own birthday (again =D), went to tunnel opening (yes, you read it right - we´re that crazy that instead of going to ZOO we took a walk in brand new tunnel...) and on Sunday we met with our friends on the best Japan-related event in Prague - Aki Matsuri !

What I want to show you are two outfits I wore. The first one is from busy Friday and the second one is my full-mori mode for Aki matsuri =)
We were lucky that the weather was really nice and I could take photos at our great balcony ♥ I like taking photos there, it´s so light and the background is full of old things, dirty corners, red rooftops and blooming flowers...and sometimes even a cat poop <_< but I tried to avoid this "decoration" on my photos =D

Friday outfit isn´t in any specific style...I just wanted to wear my favourite things ♪

cardigan - DIY
necklace - Regalrose
tights - Lindex
shoes - h&m

While we were in the town we have to stop at our two favourite places - Country Life a vegetarian restaurant and SanuBabu, ethno shop with home decorations, burning incenses and fair-trade clothing from India and Tibet. I always have to buy there at least a pack of incense sticks and this time I found really cute little bags with hindu Gods *__* I wanted to buy all of them, but in the end I chose lord Shiva ♥


ha ha =D
Exciting, isn´t it ?

As I said before on Sunday we went to Aki Matsuri - Japanese autumn celebration. We always meet there with a lot of friends, stuff ourselves with delicious food and chat a lot. The weather was good and and the best thing was GYOZA *o* I love it ! nom nom nom

fooood =D

I wore classical mori outfit on that day, because it was perfect weather for layering and what´s better to wear for autumn celebration than mori-kei ?

beanie, brooch, necklace - DIY
sweater - C&A
skirt - Gudrun Sjõdén
tote bag - gift from Maxé =)

After we ate everything which could be eaten we wanted to have a tea in the newly opened cat café........but apparently everyone had the same idea and it was completely full -_-
In the end we found a really cute bakery and spent there the rest of afternoon ♪

waah I wish every visit of Prague was so great like this one ! And what I wish for even more is place for photos like my mum´s balcony T__T these photos are so nice and light ! huu I want to live in higher floor !

...aaand at the end I have to tell you that everything went fine last weekend and we have the cutest chihuahua puppy ever ♥ His name is Satan and I will make a post about him soon =D ha ha

Have a beautiful day, everyone ! 

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