čtvrtek 26. června 2014

Button Designs + Invitation + Some Pencil Drawings

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Long time no art post, I know - but I´ve been drawing almost every day in the past two months for the upcomming tiny little exhibition. And now...it´s here !!!
This Saturday uwaaa *o*
I´m sooo looking forward to it !

I did a set of illustrations all inspired by works of amazing Pet-chan - the founder and designer of the very first czech lolita shop Porcelain Doll. I tried to use the name of every skirt to create a little story behind each of them through my pictures =)
They will be all displayed in Porcelain Doll shop in Olomouc, starting this Saturday (28th June) together with a tea party where I´ll be as well -> 600km of travel, but it´ll be worth of it, I´m sure =D
Soooo if you´re from Czech Republic you can still buy tickets here and come to see me, my "art", Pet-chan, a lot of cute people, win something nice in a raffle and do some sight-seeing in the beautiful Olomouc ♪
That´s not bad, hm =) ?
oh, and I forgot to say that the dress-code is not only lolita - you can wear all kinds of harajuku fashion like mori, gyaru, dolly-kei, visual-kei, decora, etc. ♥

Before I started to work on "Porcelain Dolls" illustrations, I was making designs for harajuku-fashion-themed buttons which were then for sale on the biggest anime con in Czech Republic - AnimeFest. And you can still buy them in Porcelain Doll shop and on booth at other conventions =)
Today I want to show them to you, because there is a looooot of new pictures comming after the exhibition...better start today ♪

My idea was to make sets of three buttons from each of the three styles I choose. It wasn´t that great idea in the end, since girls wanted to buy just some of them so from now on they will be sold separately =)
Every set consisted of a portrait, a name of the style and a quote I found matching with it ...

Let´s start with the one closest to my heart - mori-girl

the quote on the last button
"get lost in NATURE and you will find YOURSELF"

Second one was quite a challenge for me - gyaru

the quote
"better to be LATE that to arrive UGLY"

and the last one - punk lolita - was fun to draw =)

the quote
"well behaved women rarely make history"

I´m really looking forward to get some sets for me this Saturday ha ha =D I don´t have any since I wasn´t at the anime convention...but here is a photo Pet sent me to see how pretty they look *_*

Appart from working on all these things I managed to draw picture for a banner of my new Etsy store with harnesses and garters

...and two doodles in my sketchbook

totally random something

and a silly picture of my dear boyfriend being "specialized strategus" - a special way of concentration with a cushion on your head when you´re about to rule the world in strategy game on PC ........

Have a nice day, everyone ♥
...and maybe we will meet on Saturday ? =)

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  1. Ten potkánek na rameni punk lolitky je hrozně roztomilý! ^ ^ (Nechtěla bys třeba nakreslit moje myši, jen tak btw? =D) Mě se hrozně líbí hlavně ty mori girl placky, až na ně někde narazím, beru je všemi deseti. =D

    1. ha ha =D Já jsem si to myslela, že se ti bude líbit =D ! No, proč ne - pošli mi fotku (třeba skrz FB) a já se o něco pokusím =)

      Myslím, že pokud bys chtěla tak ohledně těch placek stačí napsat Pet a ona ti je pošle ♪

  2. Wow, parádní ilustrace! Mám pocit, že se opravdu výrazně zlepšuješ :) kdybych nosila placky, taky bych si hnedle jednu mori girl zabrala :))

  3. Veřejně prohlašuji, že mám placku s textem Mori Girl a hrdě ji nosím! Je perfektní, měla by být odznakem všech mori díek v čechách.....děcka v práci se mě ptala, co to znamená, tak jsem řekla, že to je děsně tajný kult a mají googlit :D Wel