neděle 25. května 2014

Mi Alright

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of April I attended a lolita meet-up in Nürnberg - this time the main plan was a photoshoot with a cosplay photographer =D ! And because the spring just started, the weather was really beautiful and the photoshoot took place in a lovely garden - the topic were flowers, floral prints and pastel colours !

Which made me really happy, because I could wear my sweet lolita jsk again - this time finally with a blonde wig *o* I still couldn´t find any pastel pink tights to match it so I tried a combination with pink ombre tights - and it looks good, I think - not exactly perfect lolita look, but I was never lolita from head to toe (mostly, because I´m broke and I have to improvize with just things I already have in my wardrobe =D) ...

We spent the whole day in a really beautiful garden, taking photos and looking pretty =) Everyone looked so great ♥ Take a look !
Later we moved to the nearby restaurant and I tried Dampfnudeln for the first time *o* It´s a sort of dumpling made on steam and served in pudding - I had a chocolate one nom nom =) The funny thing is that some people are saying that this dish comes from Czech Republic, but we don´t do it =D ha ha We are filling the dumplings with fruits, but don´t pour any sauce over it - that´s probably what caused the rumour =)

Unfortunatelly we don´t have any photos from the photographer, yet -_- As I said before he takes photos mostly of cosplay and he even attended AnimeFest in Brno this year =D Sooo... that´s probably a thing which made him too busy to post our photos <_<
[EDIT] Here are our photos !

I have to say that I really enjoyed wearing such a sweet outfit ! I would like to write "I´ll probably buy more sweet things from now on", but that would be lie because I hardly ever buy anything lolita anymore... it´s pointless since I wear it only once a month - and for this is my small collection of dresses and skirts enough, I think =)

A now for some photos !

floral headband - DIY
wig - Lockshop
blouse - Anna House
jsk - Bodyline (bought secon-hand)
tights - Rabbit Heart shop
shoes - Bodyline

And because the summer started (at least here in Europe) I have a song for you !
It´s my most favourite right now - a lot of good vibes - just exactly what I (/we all) need ♥
Give it a try =)

I´ve been listening to reggae quite a lot lately, it helps me to keep my mind possitive and makes me want to dance through the whole day ♪
So be prepared for more happy Jamaica songs in future posts ! =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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