úterý 1. dubna 2014

Ostara 2014

Hello, my dear readers ♥

A few days ago - on Spring Equinox - the springtime officially began. Which means - Ostara celebrations !

The weather was this year absolutely amazing, around 20°C, sunshine, everything started to wake up from the winter sleep... 
Perfect for planting my herb "garden" on our balconies. This year I decided to plant herbs only, because my last year´s flower garden was a huge anarchy of overgrown plants which didn´t look very good =D

After a bit of gardening I took advantage of the nice weather and rode a bike to the nearest garden-centrum for some pretty flowers to put on my Ostara altar. I love shopping there and I always buy a lot of flowers and cute things. This time I did the same, but I forgot that I was there by a bike and not a car so the travel back was a bit challenging >_<
In the end all flowers survived and me too, so it was a successfull trip !

While shopping for some candles I also bought an aroma-oil lamp - finally *o* I wanted to buy it for ages, but they were always too expensive or not so pretty. This one was unbelievably cheap and I even like the simple design. I bought an opium aroma into it and it smells really nice ♪

I had a plan to decorate the altar with black and white candles to symbolize the equality of the night and day, same as I did the last year. But I wasn´t lucky enough to get a black candle -_- And so I bought two white ones and draw sun and moon on them with a wax pen.

I also tried to bake something "springy". I have no idea how it´s called in English, but in Czech it´s "nádivka" and it looks like this. It´s made of white bread buns, eggs, some bacon and a lot of herbs and flowers. I only had herbs which I found in supermarket >_< and the result was.....eh, well it tasted good but I didn´t take a photo of it because it wasn´t pretty =D

That was my Ostara celebration and here is a few photos from that nice day ♪
I didn´t dress up (again -_-) because I was mostly travelling by a bike and that´s not good for long skirts and dresses =)

Enjoy the spring ♥
Have a nice day, everyone !

2 komentáře:

  1. Krásná jarní výzdoba! Líbí se mi, jakou si s tím dáváš práci, já jsem na podobné věci opravdu marná, tak se pak vždycky jen podobně přiživuji nad prací ostatních :) A domácí bylinky jsou super věc! Jsem ráda, že máme doma obrovskou zahradu a můžeme si toho tolik vypěstovat :)

    1. Moc děkuju =)
      No já to zase vždycky načinčám, ale pak už to nijak neupravuju takže až do další příležitosti to tady pomalu vadne a práší se na to >_< to musím ještě vychytat !
      Zahrádku závidím hrozně moc *_* já sázím jenom do truhlíků na balkóně...-_-