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Christmas Lolita Meet-up in Prague 2013

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I decided to no longer wait for photos from the Christmas meet-up´s photographer, because we will probably see them in spring or never =D And I don´t want to forget what I wanted to write about this event, so here we go - a report from Prague Christmas meet-up in January ! yay ♪

At first I thought this year for me the meet-up won´t be as hectic as the last year - when I was in the middle of moving to Germany. But I was wrong ...
Because of our new car we had to go to Prague in the morning on the day of the meet-up instead of the day before. So I had to wake up really early put on all the make-up, do my hair, dress up pretty and then sit three hours in a car and hope it will all stay the way I made it in the morning >_< oh, and don´t forget that I had to take some outfit photos in the morning as well =D
As the result I arrived at the meet-up two hours late, fortunatelly I didn´t miss anything from the program, BUT unfortunatelly I missed Han who was there just for the beggining and I we wanted to exchange our Christmas gifts there T_T 

To my great dissapointment (joke!) I didn´t miss the introducing game >_< In which we had to talk about ourselves in front of everyone - EVERYONE STARRING at me ...and I didn´t have time to buy a glass of wine so I was just trembling and said something absolutely not funny and pheew...I´m happy I´m still alive ! =D (anxiety cat lvl. 9000 don´t forget about it!)

The next part of the program was "a concert" with piano and some singing...but...to tell the truth I didn´t like it at all. Girls who were playing acted like they were making fun of it and it was really uprofessional, more like a school performance...I think it was just unnecessary embarassment for them and second-hand embaressment for us.

Then I finally had my glass of wine (ha ha =D I´m not an alcoholic, I swear!) to calm my nerves and I started to enjoy the company of all the girls I haven´t seen in ages ♥ We exchanged all Christmas gifts and I got so many pretty things - you´ll see them at the end of the post ♪

After few hours was the announcment of winners of the drawing competition - which was a bit...strange. The prices sponsored by Porcelain Doll weren´t labelled which one is for which place  =D so the first three with the biggest number of votes just won some random package...that wouldn´t be so weird if there weren´t only 5 participants... >_< I know it´s just for fun, I KNOW, but...! Some of us spent ages working on an entry and in the end it was more like - everyone who drew something gets a candy =D ...it just lost that "competition feeling"
Anyway I´m really happy that I was one of the three winners ! yay *_*

What was next...we probably talked and talked and talked, than there was some random singing and very spontaneous presentation of a new dress from Madame Muffin o_O

The meet-up was over very early, because some girls had to travel  home and people wanted to take advantage of being in Prague with so many friends around - so before I left almost everyone I knew dissapeared to change into something more comfortable and went to a birthday party together. I would like to go as well, but we already had a plan with my boyfriend that we will use the oportunity of being in Czech Republic and went to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug in original sound with subtitles and NOT in 3D - which is a luxury we can´t afford in Ingolstadt =D (here is it only with German dubbing and in 3D)

About the movie.
The whole meet-up girls were telling me how horrible the movie is, how dissapointed I´m going to be and all this negative stuff. But they couldn´t spoil my expactations - I just LOVE everything about Middle-Earth - it can´t be THAT bad. (ok, I was a bit worried, but just a bit!)
And... I liked it ! There were some moments where I was a bit...how to say it...surprised ! It was probably because the movie was made for 3D, but in some scenes the CGI effects were just funny, like from some old fantasy game...and those weird water-camera shots in the barrels scene...?! o_o
But I really liked how the Mirkwood looked like - those spiders ewww !, the lake town was beautiful and Thranduil, of course,  was a very nice part of the movie =3
Weird scenes which I would prefer not to have in the movie was the Tauriel/Kili romance, the moment when she healed him with Athelas exactly like Arwen did in Lotr...-_- ...whyy?? Why are they repeating things from Lotr like if they couldn´t think of anything new?! I also didn´t like the final scene...there was a lot of action, but it was too long (maybe it was because I thought there will be the scene when Bard will shot Smaug as well, but it wasn´t =D) and I really disliked the part with the golden statue ...it was just...why

So as you can see the 30th December was a very busy day for me, but I don´t regret to travel all the way just for this event because it was great ♥ I´m really happy that I met all the girls and I want to thank Ketmara for organizing all of this for Czech lolitas =) !

Now for some photos of my outfit and all those amazing gifts I got *o*

I wore my BTSSB skirt from Paris with just a simple coord, because I had to travel in it. Also my beautiful white princess lolita shoes with pearls (which would be perfect with the print) are dead...they just fell appart when I touched them =D I have too many old things in my wardrobe >_<

floral headband : DIY
cardigan, skirt : BTSSB
RHS shoes : Bodyline

I got so many pretty things ♥ Thank you !!!
 I also bought this super-cute hairpin with toadstools from Lyrel and the first Czech lolita calendar ever ! 

At the end of this long post I want to show you a detailed photo of a picture which Veni drew for the competition and gave it to me in the end *o*
It´s me in my Witchcraft jsk and my "fuck you all" face which I use mostly on my visits in Prague =D ha ha

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  1. I like your Christmas outfit a lot!
    And the gifts are great as well, and so many! I think I like the purple owl the most ^_^
    I own the calender as well. Mhm, does this make us some kind of "lolita accessory twins" =^__^=

    And a stupid question, but: Was there no food on the Christmas meetup, only drinks / alcohol?

    And yes, German cinemas nowadays show mostly only the German version in 3D. Sometimes, an English version is available, but only on few days for one week >_< And 2D is often not shown at all. But it seems that the cinemas tend to show 2D more now because a lot of people have problems with the eye in 3D.
    I have heard that 3D brings the most profit and most people go to the cinema very seldom, so for them it is acceptable to pay much money for a ticket..

    1. Thank you =) !
      The purple owl has a lip gloss inside =D It´s a really cute thing ! wow...you have the lolita calendar as well o_o ? That´s great !

      Not a stupid question at all ! To tell the truth that´s what bothers me on Prague lolita meet-up every year - that it´s in a café or a tea room and there are only cakes or small sandwiches for sale. Which means HUNGER for me =D And the worst thing? It´s not allowed to bring your own food there D= so I had just two muffins for the whole day this year >_<

      I hope they are going to play more movies in 2D again exactly because of the reason that many people are sick from the movie because their eyes just can´t handle it =D I don´t like it as well + some movies like Hobbit look really silly in 3D =/

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful get together. Can't believe you would be nervous in front of people speaking. I know I am but you look so poised and confident always on your photos. So glad to know you have the same issue :)

    As for the photos, amazing dress and that crown is gorgeous! White, patterned tights I always enjoy so much and, even though could not see too much of them, really enjoyed what I could see :) And that close up of you with those eyes is so stunning. So much strength and passion in those eyes. Very exciting for me! Lovely!


    1. Thank you so much =)
      ha ha that´s because I´m not shy in front of camera at all =D but when I´m with people it´s just impossible for me to act easy and confident >_<

  3. Are those earrings squirrels? Lovely! And the drawing looks exactly like you :P

    1. Yes =D It´s pair of acorns and a pair of squirrels *o* I wanted to buy them the whole Autumn and then my friend (without even knowing about it) gave them to me =)

  4. Kóónečně ta sukně! Moc jsem se těšila až jí uvidím - je krásná!! :) Slušelo ti to náramně :)

  5. Tak to jsem ráda, že čtu zase nějaký report, ze kterého bych si mohla odnést nějaké cenné informace, i když už sraz po všem tom dramatu tento rok organizovat nechci... ale tak třeba něco menšího vánočního s omezeným počtem účastníků... No, do té zpívací části programu jsem moc zasahovat nemohla, tu měla na starosti JAm a upřímně jsem vůbec netušila, co připravila, jen mi psala, že lidi volají po nějakém programu a že jestli já se tím nechci zabývat, tak ona by to udělala...

    Co se týče kreslicí soutěže... No, tu jsem letos vlastně taky organizovat nechtěla, protože počet příspěvků byl každým rokem menší, ale holky říkaly, že by něco určitě nakreslily (samozřejmě všechny dva dny před srazem napsaly, že to nestíhají), no a Pet poslala ty krásné balíčky jako ceny, tak jsem si je přece nemohla nechat pro sebe (a vůbec, co v nich vlastně bylo? neotevírala jsem je :) )

    A co se týče jídla, to mě mrzí, žes vlastně nebyla na začátku, když jsem to říkala, ale byla možnost si tam přinést jídlo z nedaleké čínské restaurace :(

    A jak koukám na ty dárečky... ty růže vypadají skvěle a vlastně všechno vypadá skvěle, jsem ráda, že jsi z Německa dojela :)