pátek 1. března 2013

Sewing Machine - Winter

After some time my "sewing summary" post is here again ! I hope for winter to be over, since I was looking at weather forcast and there is half-sunny, sunny, sunny and sunny !!! yay
So those are things I sew through winter. I was working mainly on skirts for my shop and made only one thing for me (uhuu T_T) but it´s a quite big think - you´ll find out at the end of the post =)

Lets start with Stripe Classic Lolita Skirt.
It was the first thing I made in a new home and photo shooted it indoors, in the middle of our empty bedroom, full of boxes and clothes =D I had to put everything aside and somehow with the help of Photoshop managed to do those photos...it was too cold outsite take photos there =/

Light-Green Floral Lolita Skirt
I have to confess that I thought several times about keeping this fabric for myself >_< It´s so beautiful, and it matches so perfectly with my knitted vest and hair but I DIDN´T !
(maybe I´m going to buy it again for me, when I see it in the shop)

Black Velvet Lolita Skirt
Very first M/L skirt for Rabbit Heart. I´m still not sure if I´m going to make more skirts in this size... I´m always so afraid that it won´t get sold and then I don´t know what to do with it. I can´t even wear it !
(but I guess I´m just a big anxiety cat...this skirt got sold) =D

(those white things on the skirt is snow)

Red Wine Lolita Skirt
I just love this one. It´s from thick duvetyn, perfect for winter, perfect for elegant gothic lolita (vampire) outfits. I had to make two of them,  because the first one was sold in just a few days =) I´m so happy about it and I wish to make more of them, because I have lots and lots of this fabric but they don´t have that beautiful lace that is on the belt anymore ! 
It should be restocked in April...but that´s too late for winter skirts =( so I´m going to restock them in September again, maybe...

This one is the newest and it´s still available =) I adore this sheer fabric with embroidered roses on it *o*
It´s the first fabric I bought here in Germany and maybe even the last, because it´s so damn expensive here to buy supplies for sewing >_<
We took those photos when it was -3°C and snow everywhere and I had a cold...I thought I was going to freeze to death there, but then it wasn´t so bad and we took some cute shots.

And the last one is finally mine !
It´s my very first historical dress and I´m so proud of it =D I made it according to Burda Halloween Costume pattern. I was realy confused from time to time, because it´s only in several crazy languages of Eastern Europe, English and German...so I was just guessing in few parts, BUT I made it and it´s so beautiful!
This is absolutely terrible quality photo (from my mobile phone) and the dress wasn´t completely finished back then. But I wanted to show it to you and I plan to make some cute photo shoot in the woods when the spring comes !

And now I had to get back to work !
I brought so many fabrics with me from Czech Republic and I just can´t wait to realize all of my ideas =)

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  1. Krása :) nejvíc se mi líbí ta zimní vínová, a i ta černá je perfecto... ♥ a ty šaty nemaj chybu!

    1. Děkuju =) Už se nemůžu dočkat, až ty šaty nějak líp nafotíme, teď už maj vepředu i šněrovačku ♪

  2. You have so much talent.It's amazing what you can make those skirts are to die for! That Light-Green Floral skirt is so adorable! No wonder I often find everything has sold out in your store. :)
    Also the snow photo is super cute, is interesting how one can get tame cold weather.

    I can't wait to see your future plans with that dress. ♥

    1. Thank you so much <3 Light Green skirt was one of my favourites, it was a realy big inner fight not to keep it for myself =D

      The main reason for making the dress is Wave Gothic Treffen, but I think I´m going to do some photo shoot with it sooner, because I just can´t wait to wear it =D


    2. Aww, I guess that reminds me of a friend that once old me that a painter told him: "You have to let go your dearest works of arts, or else you wont grow a an artist."

      And Yay, you're going to WGT in such an amazing piece! I'm wishing I had planned my trip in time to go this year, but it will be until the next. ♥

  3. Taky byc si přála umět šít, ušila bych si co bych si zamanula, takhle musím shánět zakázkové švadlenky,ale taky to má něco do sebe- to krásné těšení se, jestli to bude dle mých představ. Máš to fakt pěkný, moc se mi líbí všecny classic loli sukně, takže tenhle post je pro mě pochopitelně ráj!

    1. Moc děkuju =)
      Vždycky můžeš začít šít a časem to vychytáš, já si taky neumím ušít co si zrovna zamanu, ale snažim se furt zlepšovat a učit

  4. Ty jsi neuvěřitelná. Jedna sukeň hezčí než druhá, se musí nechat... j.