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Living in Germany for 3 months

I promised I´m going to write something about my "new life" in Germany. I´m here just for three months so it´s something like "first things I found different here and I love them" =D
So we live in a beautiful, quite big, flat in the city centre of Ingolstadt. I took a lot of photos of  the town when I was there in summer (part 1 and part 2). It´s a smaller city near Munich in Bavaria. Bavarian flags, food and beer are everywhere =D And I found out I like it a lot, so far I tried roasted pork knee, weiss wurst with prezel and  this amazing horseradish mustard and of course variety of  beers. I absolutely don´t get why czech people are bragging about Czech Republic being "a land of beer" because here even in our tiny local store with drinks there is like fifty kinds of beers from different breweries to choose from. And they all taste so much MUCH better that the czech beer ! To be honest, I almost never drunk beer back at home, only in special beer restaurants where they had something different than those ordinary ones.

I didn´t wanted to talk about food from the start...but well...I did =D
But it tastes so much better here ! It´s much more expensive, yeah but...I never thought it was THIS bad in Czech Republic, now I realy have a feeling I was eating a trash which the rest of Europe don´t want. Everything here is so fresh, especially in bakery. I love those local bakeries <3 All of it is warm when you buy it and tastes so yummy ! ( What a change for me after those frozen, than baked again shits they called baguette, which I ate back at home.)

Beer is not the only one thing I started to like.
I didn´t eat yogurts for years. I didn´t like them. I ate them only when we were on vacation in Italy, but I never ate those I could buy at home. And now ? I eat them for breakfast omg =D (I know it´s completelly normal for everyone, but I never even thought about eating that ugly thing for breakfast!)
They´re so delicious, with so many fancy flavours - coconut, gooseberry, lemon, champagne,Mozart balls and even yogurt which is like...inverse - you have more of the fruits and then a cup of yogurt/sweet sauce *o*

But the craziest thing I found in supermarket fridge is Götter Speize !
ha ha I remember there was something like this when I was small, but I was probably too small, so I´m not sure
It´s a nuclear green jelly with flavour of this plant - It´s so crazy, I love it =D they even have a red one, but this unhealty colour is just better ! My boyfriend shakes his head in disbelief everytime I´m stuffing myself with it =D

...well I´m not only eating and drinking beer here !
I also drink a lot of lemonade =D I fell in love with those lemonades from local mineral water in glass bottles. I feel like Pipi Longstockings - she had that storage of glass bottle lemonades in a tree trunk ! I just can´t wait for summer, to sit on balcony in the sun and drink those ice cold lemonades with a straw =D

Now that´s enought about food and drinks !
Let´s get back to our flat. As I said it´s quite big, it has a bath (<3) but the most amazing thing about it is the balcony. I never had a balcony and I always wanted even a small one and now we have two ! One from each side of the flat *o*. And what´s even better - there are little gardens on both sides, so I don´t have even a small view on a street or cars or anything like that. I just can´t wait for summer to plant some herbs here and make them both cute with  barbecue and things like that.
Here is the front one, it looks ugly in the winter, but all those bushes under it are going to bloom (soon I hope).

So we have a living room with dining room together, cute white kitchen with weird oven, sepparate bathroom and toilet (thank Gods that´s something I wished for all my life !!!), beautiful bedroom and... I have my own workroom ! I´m going to show you a lots of photos when it´s finished, but it´s still in a little chaos, because I have to work on new skirts and don´t have time to make it pretty. It´s going to be all in red/black colours with my favourite posters and some other crazy stuff like plastic raven and others...

But we´ve done a great progress since the December when we moved in. For example here is our living room the first day, three months ago...

... and here it is how it looks exactly at this moment =)

Ikea everywhere ♪

Appart from making our flat pretty, buying new things, swimming in a pool that is just around the corner and taking strolls to the nature which is behind the pool (so close!), my boyfriend works in Audi - that´s the main reason why we´re here and I´m trying to learn to speak German properly. I started visiting morning course last week and hope for a progress *_* I already did a little one, I´m starting to understand better and trying to overcome that shy anxiety cat inside me and even answer questions if someone ask me one =D

So this is it !
I think that all of this is going to sound funny for someone from Germany, because I found funny things foreign people say about czech things =) In a good way of course, it´s cute how they find some absolutely ordinary things amazing or weird and I never noticed them before.

I hope I didn´t bore you with something more personal for a change.
If you have any more questions, just ask ♪ 

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  1. Om nom nom :3 Green jelly looks really tasty ♥ What a pity... In Czech republic we don't have radioactive jellies :( (Your faithful reader, who is trying to improve one's english :D)^^

    1. I´m trying to improve my english too - let´s improve it together =D !

      I have a feeling that I have eaten this radioactive jelly in a cup before, but it´s gone as all good things in Czech Pepsi blue or Preclíky Flipz =D

  2. Krásný byt, hrozně ti závidím tu oddělenou koupelnu se záchodem - u nás to bývalý majitel spojil dohromady a je to zlo...

    A to jídlo vypadá taky super - budu se muset do Německa taky někdy podívat, cca od svých patnácti jsem nevylezla z ČR a už mi to začíná lézt na mozek, i když se mi tu líbí. :)

    1. jo jo my jsme měli spojenou koupelnu a záchod doma a pak jak říkáš, v Hloubětíně to majitel taky spojil dohromady...totální zlo !

      Můžete se stavit jestli se vychystáš někam tady v našem okolí =)

  3. Omg to je obří! náš byt je velký asi jako váš obývák :D
    A rozhodně piš víc takovýhle postů... pilně se uč němčinu ať nám můžeš začít zprostředkovávat shopping service :D minimálně už to, že si v německu můžu koupit GLB v krámě (i když specializovanym) mě štve :D

    1. A to jsem ještě nevyfotila tu dlooouhou chodbu skrz celým bytem =D je to fakt obr =)

      Ježiš, to nevim co bych ti tady mohla shopping servisovat =D co jsem zatím koukala tak lolitky tu prodávaj na eBay, votočvohozu a tý euro burze na FB, tak leda v rámci levnějšího poštovnýho to nechat poslat ke mě =) GLB je až v Mnichově v NeoTokiu, ale kdybys jí vážně chtěla tak stačí napsat a až tam pojedem tak ti jí tam vezmu =D ale je to docela a nebo můžete s Dejvem dojet a zajedem do toho Mnichova spolu =)

  4. what a spacy nice flat with biiiiiig windows! I'm envious... THIS (i mean something like this) is my dream! And green jelly! <3 i think i also ate it sometimes when i was a kid (and i'm from the Czech rep., too), yummy! :D well and good luck with german, i'm planning to learn this crazy language, too... well, for years. :D But now i'm studying swedish so german knowledge should be very useful these days. :/

    1. Thank you =) !
      So now, with my friend, we are three who remember green jelly in a cup in CZ, so it has to be true ! =D
      wow Swedish sounds interesting, too =) I wish to go to Sweden one day, all of those amazing bloggers and lolitas are from there, there must be so many alternative and beautiful people =D

    2. There are many alternative and beautiful (=swedish :D) people, indeed! i was only in Stockholm "unfortunately" but wow, those people! we should plan some Sweden trip asap.. :D
      and besides the green jelly i remember also a red one! :D

  5. Téda, máte to nádherné, fakt že jo :)

  6. Páni, já netušila, že ČR nenávidíš až tak moc:) Ne, že bych to tu nějak extra milovala, ale jogurty a pivo můžu:D Jen je třeba chvíli vybírat a nekupovat tu nejlevnější... sajrajt. ;) Ale jinak byt vypadá dobře a hlavně, že jsi spokojená:) tak good luck i nadále:)

    1. Jogurty a pivo jsou to nejmenší co se mi v ČR hnusí =D ne, tak jako třeba teď jak jsme měly pivo na srazu v Plzni tak to bylo jako dost ňamkový, ale jinak nechápu čím se češi chvástaj neustále...

      Děkuju =) !

    2. nejlepší jsou piva z minipivovarů, těma by se Češi měli chvástat! né plzní, gambáčkem a spol. to už jsou bohužel tuctový europiva, který chmel neviděly ani z vlaku. ne, že bych byla takový pivař, ale dost se mezi nima pohybuju, takže papouškuju, co mě naučili!:D a je fakt, že už jsem si taky nějaký "pivní" buňky vypěstovala, takže mi jen tak něco neproleze. jinak jogurty měli (mimo jiné) naprosto boží ve Švédsku. a ceny srovnatelný s našima, což je taky dost smutné. :D